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Fic: L'homme Vaudou (2/8)

L'homme Vaudou-Chapter 2

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The Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport was crowded with tourists excited to see the Big Easy. Jensen had to wait for about 20 minutes for a cab to become available. Usually he would have been picked up by Mac or Jeff-- this time, he was on his own in a city he wasn’t that familiar with. Jensen was glad he’d flown first class after all. There was a baby in Economy that wouldn’t stop crying and he was happy he could only hear it faintly. He was too worried about Jeff and Mackenzie to put up with that.

He gave the cabbie Mackenzie’s address, sat back and scrolled through his phone. There were no updates on Jeff’s disappearance. Sighing, he closed his eyes and tried to will away the headache that was starting to throb in his temple.

The traffic was thick; – it was rush hour, and even with the slow nature of the city the roads were still congested. Mackenzie’s apartment was near Tulane; they’d picked it because it was within walking distance of the campus. Jensen smiled at the memory of the little blue Vespa they’d bought used for her to zoom around the city.

Once they arrived, Jensen paid the driver, grabbed his bags and headed up to Mackenzie’s apartment. He unlocked the door and pushed it open, dreading what he might find, but the apartment looked normal. Nothing was out of place--everything looked ordinary as usual. The cheerful space was full of color; bold art prints on the walls, a red couch with yellow pillows and a patterned fleece throw scrunched up to one side.

“Mac? You here?” Jensen quickly went through the rooms, but the apartment was empty. He made another circuit, this time looking for items that might have been out of place. He noticed the throw blanket looked rumpled, like perhaps someone had used it to cover themselves up.

There were several pairs of shoes piled up near the door, but Jensen couldn’t tell if they’d been worn recently or not. A black leather purse lay on the coffee table that Jensen remembered buying Mac for her birthday last year. Next to it was a glass of water and a bottle of Advil. He grabbed some paper towels from the kitchen and carefully opened the purse. Mackenzie’s wallet with her ID and money were inside along with a small planner. Jensen flipped through the pages but saw nothing out of the ordinary; her class schedule, teaching assistant schedule, and meetings with Jeff were penciled in neatly on the specific dates.

Jensen quickly dialed Mackenzie’s phone number yet again, hoping to hear he finally pick up, but it went to voicemail without him hearing the phone ring in her apartment. So wherever she was, her phone was most likely with her. As a last resort, he skimmed through her mail, using a pen he found to flip through it. Nothing new since the day he first hadn’t heard from her.

Time to make it official. He was going to have to file a missing person’s report. With a ball of anxiety in his stomach, Jensen looked up the address for the 2nd District Police Department.

Jensen left the apartment, calling a cab on his way down the elevator. A short wait had him standing outside as the cab pulled up to the curb. “New Orleans Police, 2nd District please,” he told the driver, shoving his duffel across the back seat.

Fifteen minutes later he walked through the glass doors of the precinct. The desk clerk, an older woman with her grey hair pulled back in a low pony tail, smiled as he approached. “Good afternoon, how can I help you?”

“Jensen Ackles, private investigator out of New York City.” Impressed by her politeness, he showed her his ID and license. “I need to report a missing person.”

“One moment, sir.” She quickly made a call. “Detective Williams will see you. The bullpen is back that way to your left.” She pointed down the hall. “He’s the third desk down.”

Jensen headed down the hallway, enjoying the sounds of activity throughout the station. It wasn’t New York, but the energy and the sounds of a police station anywhere were the same. It soothed him in a reassuring way.

Detective Williams was on the phone when Jensen entered the bullpen. Williams was a strongly built dark skinned man with hair graying at his temples. As Jense n approached his desk, Williams waved Jensen over to a seat as he finished his conversation. “No, Auntie, I’m not gonna tell you who vandalized the playground so you can put a spell on them! Let us do our work, okay? I have to earn my paycheck somehow.” Williams rolled his eyes and grinned at Jensen. “Yes I’ll be over for étouffé and Ceremony on Sunday. Love you too, Auntie.”

He hung up the phone and sighed. “Family. What can you do.”

Jensen chuckled as he sat down in the spare chair. “So your aunt wanted to know the name of a perp so she could cast a spell?”

“Yup.” Williams took a sip of the coffee he had on his desk, grimaced, and stood up, motioning for Jensen to follow him. “Some young punk tagged the local playground and my Auntie wanted to teach him a lesson.”

“So do you believe in that…what…voodoo stuff?” Jensen asked, following him to the little kitchenette. “What your Aunt was talking about?”

“Son, you are in N’Awlins.” Williams drew out a Cajun accent. “It’s like breathing. And I’ve seen some stuff happen that has no rational explanation. Plus, it can’t hurt to err on the side of the Loa – the spirits.” He spilled out his cold coffee and refreshed his cup. “Coffee?”

“Sure.” Jensen poured a mug, adding sugar and powdered creamer, anticipating the usual crappy brew that most precincts had. He took a sip, and was pleasantly surprised at the quality, the chicory flavor bursting on his tongue. “Hey, this is pretty good.”

“I know, right?” Williams chuckled and took a sip from his own mug. “We don’t get much in the way of perks, but the Captain makes sure we get the good coffee.” They sat back down at William’s desk. “So tell me what can I help you with?”

“My sister, Mackenzie Ackles, is missing.” Jensen explained the situation, filling in details as Detective Williams took notes. “I went to her apartment and looked around. The only indication she’d been there was her purse on the coffee table. No phone and no new mail since the day I first called and got her voicemail message. Don’t worry.” Jensen saw that Williams was about to speak up. “I didn’t touch anything bare handed. However, my prints are still on file with the New York Police Department if you need to rule me out.”

Williams nodded towards Jensen’s cane. “Retirement?”

Jednsen chuckled dryly. “Not my choice, but yeah.”

“Sucks. You get Detective?”

“Sure does.” Jensen puffed out a breath. “Got to 2nd grade. Still wanted to be out in the field. That’s how I got this.” He patted his leg. “Shattered the bone pretty good. I’ll walk without the cane eventually but no more active duty for me.”

Williams finished taking notes. “Okay, I’ve got everything I need to get started. Anything else you want to add?”

“Yeah. I just saw in the news the other day that one of our friends is missing now too. Professor Jeff Morgan, at Tulane.” Jensen replied.

Williams sat back with a frown on his face. “You know Professor Morgan?”

“Yeah, Mac is one of his teaching assistants. I called him Monday to see if he could find out if Mackenzie was okay. Then I heard the news about his disappearance.”

“That puts a different spin on things,“ Williams replied. “Especially if they are linked.” He sighed. “Kurt Fuller is the lead on the Morgan case.”

“And why do I get the idea that that’s not a good thing,” Jensen commented wryly.

“Because, in plain terms, Fuller is an asshole.” Williams snorted. “Let me call him and you can see for yourself.” He picked up the phone and a short time later Kurt Fuller appeared.

Jensen immediately disliked him. Fuller radiated the arrogance of someone who felt he had to overcompensate for being incompetent. His swagger, smarmy grin, and beady eyes turned Jensen’s stomach. Even his voice was pompous.

“What can I do for you, Williams?” Fuller asked, looming over them.

“Kurt, this is Jensen Ackles, former detective from the New York City PD. His sister is missing and she’s Jeffrey Morgan’s teaching assistant. Thought you two should meet.”

“Hmm….” Fuller trained his beady eyes on Jensen, looked at his cane, then looked away with a sniff. Jensen sensed the dismissal and it pissed him off. In retaliation, Jensen turned on the charm.

He stood and offered his hand. “Glad to meet you, Detective. Williams tells me that you’re in charge of the Morgan case. Jeff’s a close friend and I’d like to be of assistance if I can.”

Fuller ignored his hand. “Thank you for your offer, but we’re good here.” Fuller’s reply was abrupt. “Detective Williams will keep you updated on your sister’s case.” Fuller looked at Williams with what only could be disgust, before turning and leaving them.

“Well, that was pleasant. Not.” Jensen muttered.

“Yeah, see what I mean? Asshole,” Williams replied with a smirk. “I figured it couldn’t hurt to see if he’d be willing to share but as usual, no dice.” Williams sized Jensen up. “I’m assuming you’re going to ignore him and do some investigating on your own?”

“Who, me?” Jensen grinned with wide eyes. “I would never do that.”

“Uh huh,” Williams responded wryly. “Just be careful. You’re on his radar rt5and he’s a vindictive bastard.”

“Noted.” Jensen dug into his pocket and pulled out his key ring. Removing a key, he slid it over to Williams. “Here’s a spare key to Mackenzie’s apartment, since you’ll need to go take a look. I usually stay there when I’m in town, but since it might wind up being a crime scene I thought I’d get a hotel room.”

“You know where you’re staying yet?” Williams asked as he pocketed the key and wrote Jensen a receipt.

“Nope. Been too busy to find a place yet.” Jensen folded the receipt and shoved it into his pocket. “I’ll call you once I get settled.”

“Here’s a list of decent hotels that’ll offer you a police discount.” Williams opened his desk drawer and handed Jensen a list. “Tell them I sent you and they’ll even throw in a packed lunch.”

“I appreciate it, Detective.” Jensen picked up his bags. “I’m gonna head over to the University first and ask around about Mac. I’ll call you when I check in and let you know if I find anything. On either case.” He winked at Williams and smiled when the other man laughed. “Pleasure to meet you.”

“Same same.” Williams’ face became serious. “I hope we find your sister soon.”

“Me too,” Jensen sighed. “Me too.”

L'homme Vaudou-Divider 4

Twenty minutes and another cab ride later, Jensen stood outside of Jeff’s building. He always was impressed by the stone architecture and the leaded glass windows. He would tease Jeff that he worked at Hogwarts. He took a deep breath and entered the building, climbing the steps to get to Jeff’s office. There weren’t many people around in the hallway, and those that were passing by scuttled like they were afraid that something would jump out at them. Jensen assumed that it was the news of Jeff’s disappearance that was making everyone so edgy.

Jensen knocked lightly on the door, just as a courtesy, but expected no answer. He tried the knob and was pleased to find the door unlocked. He didn’t want to have to break out his lock picks. Placing his bags on a side chair, he looked around the room.

The space was familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. Jensen had spent many occasions in Jeff’s office when he’d been down visiting Mackenzie just shooting the breeze about work, Jeff’s classes, and various other miscellaneous topics. The paneled walls had always given the space a warm comfortable feeling. The clutter was just so Jeff; student essays, textbooks and folklore and ancient civilizations covered every flat surface, but Jensen would bet that Jeff knew where everything was. And, of course, there was the required New Orleans Saints jersey framed and mounted on the wall.

Now, though, it felt stark and cold. Without Jeff’s presence, the room felt sterile. Jensen shivered and told himself it was just a chill, not someone walking over his grave.

He looked over Jeff’s desk and noticed that his day planner was missing. Jeff never went anywhere without that worn-out leather book. Jensen had always seen it in Jeff’s hands. He jokingly said he kept track of all the monsters – meaning his students and TAs – in it and he’d be lost if it ever disappeared. Jensen assumed that the police had taken it, since the room had obviously been searched at some point.

Sighing, he sat down in Jeff’s chair and pulled open the desk’s lower left drawer. Jeff had always told him that that was where he’d kept his TA files. Jensen retrieved Mackenzie’s and started to flip through it, hoping for some sort of lead as to where she might be.

“Can I help you?” A deep, rich voice spoke.

Jensen’s head flew up to find a gorgeous man standing in the doorway. Tall and built, just like Jensen liked them, with deep brown hair glinting in the sunlight streaming in through the windows. He was holding several books, and was dressed in a deep blue button down and black trousers. He was obviously not a student; he was too well-dressed for one.

The newcomer’s eyes were narrowed in what Jensen surmised was suspicion. Jensen also noticed they were blue, no, brown, no wait, hazel. The stranger’s lips were thinned in displeasure at the moment, but they looked like they would be soft and inviting if he smiled.

“Excuse me. I said, can I help you?” The voice was rough. but strong and firm.

“Sorry, sorry.” Jensen stood up and walked around Jeff’s desk. “I didn’t expect anyone to come in. I’m Jensen Ackles.” He smiled and held out a hand, hoping the stranger wouldn’t call security. “I’m Mackenzie Ackles’ brother.”

The newcomer relaxed and took Jensen’s hand to shake. “Jensen. Mac talks about you all the time. The cop, right? I’m Jared Padalecki, one of the professors here in the Anthropology department.”

“Private Investigator now. I retired from the force. Pleasure to meet you.” It certainly was. Jared was definitely nice to look at. Jensen felt the strong grip of Jared’s hand and a little spark when they touched. He wondered how that grip would feel on his -. Jensen shook himself. He didn’t need that right now.

“Are you here to see Jeff?” Jared put the books he was carrying down on the desk. “I assume you didn’t hear the news? Jeff’s missing.”

“I heard. That’s exactly why I’m here. Mackenzie is missing too. I called Jeff to see if he knew anything about it. Then I saw the news reports.”

“Mac’s missing too?” Jared sucked in a breath. “I just saw her the other day.” He sat down in one of the vacant chairs.

“When? When did you see her last?” Jensen knew he sounded demanding, but this was the first piece of new information he’d gotten since he started trying to find Mackenzie.

“I think it was Monday? We’d all gone out to Sazenac’s, a local bar that the department frequents. Mac had too much to drink so I made sure she got home safely.”

Jensen tensed. “Did you enter her apartment?”

“Yeah,” Jared replied. “I helped her lie down on her couch, put a throw blanket over her, and set a glass of water and a bottle of Advil on the coffee table.”

“Then what?”

“Then I left.” Jared shrugged. “She crashed out as soon as she lay down. Not much else I could do.”

“Did you see her the next day?” Jensen questioned.

“No, Mac’s not in any of my classes and what with her being Jeff’s TA, I rarely get to see her.” Jared shook his head. “I can’t believe she’s missing too.”

“Can you give me a list of everyone who went out with you two that night? I’ve filed a missing person’s report with the police, but it would be very helpful if they could follow up on the names.” Jensen took out his phone and clicked on the Notes app.

“Sure.” Jared listed the names of everyone that was at the bar that night. “Does this mean I’m a suspect?”

“You were the last to see her so that always makes someone a person of interest.” Jensen finished writing. “I’m sure the police are going to want to talk to you and probably take your fingerprints, just to rule you out.”

“Okay.” Jared looked uncertain. “What do you think?”

Jensen paused. Jared struck him as innocent, but until he had the facts he didn’t want to say. “I can’t speculate one way or another,” he hedged. But I think you should go see Detective Steven Williams sooner rather than later. He’s in charge of Mackenzie’s case.”

“I will,” Jared promised.

“Great.” The conversation stuttered to a halt as Jensen couldn’t think of what else to say.

Jared saved him from further embarrassment by asking, “So where are you staying? I can ask around if anyone has any information about Mackenzie or if anyone saw her after the night at the bar and get back to you. Or maybe I could go look at her apartment with you--maybe I’ll see something you wouldn’t know to look for.”

“I haven’t checked in anywhere yet,” Jensen replied. “Normally I stay at Mac’s when I visit, but it’s probably going to be a crime scene so I’ll have to find a hotel.” He began digging through his pockets for his wallet and the list Williams gave him, coming up with just the piece of paper. “Shit!”

“What’s wrong?”

“I can’t find my wallet. Goddamn it!” Jensen cursed as he dug deeper with no luck. “It must have fallen in the cab.” Just his luck.

“Call the cab company and see if they found it.” Jared straightened up.

Jensen called the cab company and explained his situation. After giving them the details of his cab ride, he listened a moment, then huffed before saying “Okay“ and hanging up the phone. “That cab went off shift right after they dropped me here. If they found my wallet in the back seat, they’d have turned it in to the main office, which is closed until 8:30 a.m. tomorrow.” Jensen sighed, trying to think of an alternative plan. “I’ve given my spare key to the police to search Mac’s apartment, so I can’t stay there…”

“You can stay with me.” Jared said.

“What?” Jensen looked at him.

“I’ve got a spare room. You need a place to stay, at least for the night. I don’t bite.” Jared smiled slightly. “Stay with me until you get things sorted out tomorrow. It’s the least I can do.”

“What do you mean by that?” Jensen asked.

“Well…I feel guilty now that I left Mac alone in her apartment that night. If I’d have stayed, maybe I could have prevented something.” Jared looked stricken.

“Jared, you couldn’t have known something would happen.” Jensen replied. He thought for a moment. “Okay, I appreciate the offer of lodging and I’ll take you up on it. What time are you done here at the University?”

“Actually now. My last class was right before I came to drop these books off at Jeff’s office.” Jared stood up and took Jensen’s duffel. “Let’s head to my place and we can get you settled for the night. Maybe order a pizza for dinner?” Jared smiled, and Jensen was momentarily dazzled by unexpected dimples.

“Sounds great but I’m paying since you’re letting me stay with you.” Jensen waited as Jared locked up Jeff’s office. “Deal?”



They took a cab to Jared’s house since Jensen and his luggage wouldn’t fit on the back of Jared’s Harley. It was a typical New Orleans shotgun house with bright red doors. Jared unlocked the front door and flipped on the lights.

“Nice place,” Jensen commented as he looked around. The main room was an open floor layout. The kitchen was at one end, with stainless steel appliances and striking black lacquer cabinets. The décor was eclectic--deep crimson painted walls in the main room and hallway, overstuffed comfortable-looking couches with framed band posters mixed with antique masques from past Mardi Gras celebrations, shelves of books and interesting knick knacks, and a small bar in one corner. The long hallway along one side of the house was decorated with bizarre art of skeletons, women and patterns.

“Interesting decorations.” Jensen remarked. “Kind of dark.”

Jared chuckled. “Most people think they are. But they are just representative of voodoo culture. You know – Marie Leveau, Baron Samedi, Papa Legba.”

Jensen took a closer look at one of the prints. It showed a man with a skeleton face, top hat and glass of rum. “Who’s this?”

“That’s Baron Samedi.” Jared came over to stand beside him. “He’s the Loa – the spirit – of the dead. Supposedly he digs your grave and welcomes you to the underworld when you die.”

“Supposedly?” Jensen cocked an eyebrow.

With a laugh, Jared said, “It all depends on what you believe.”

“And what do you believe?” Jensen challenged. For some reason he felt he needed to know.

“I just know that there are lots of folk here in New Orleans that believe in him and I respect that belief.” Jared’s reply was enigmatic and Jensen knew he wouldn’t get more than that out of him.

“Well, I like your place. It’s very eclectic, very vibrant.”

“Thanks,” Jared replied. “I’ve had fun sprucing it up and renovating. Lemme show you the guest room.”

They walked down the hallway, turned left and Jared showed him to a room decorated in shades of green and blue. The colors leant the room a soothing air, and the bed teased Jensen, reminding him how tired he was. “You can stay here. I’ll show you how to work the shower if you’re interested in washing off the travel funk.”

“Don’t you just turn on the water?” Jensen asked with a laugh.

Jared smiled. “Not this one,” he said as he pointed to the bathroom. Jensen poked his head into the room and whistled in amazement. “Good God, that looks like a space pod!”

The shower unit was amazing; lights, several shower heads, digital controls. Jared pointed out how to set the temperature, pressure, even the satellite radio. “I’m a bit of a hedonist,” he confessed. “My room has a big marble shower room and soaking tub. Kind of my guilty pleasure.”

“I definitely will take advantage of that.” Jensen laughed. “I understand the hedonist thing. I’m kind of that way too.”

“Let me give you a quick tour of the rest of the place.” Jared led him out of the guest room. “Here’s my room if you need anything.” He pointed out the door across from them. “Just knock if the door’s closed. Down here’s my den. It’s a disaster but I actually know where everything is.”

Jensen smiled. Another thing he could relate to. The den was done up in browns and golds, a nice sized desk with papers cluttered all over it and another bookcase with what looked to be textbooks and professional journals.

They stepped back into the long hallway. Jared pointed to a closed door. “That’s my storage room, furnace and the like. Down at the end of the hall is the laundry room and the back door to the yard. There’s a bit of a garden and a patio with a fire pit. I like to hang out there with friends and chill on the weekends. Kind of unwind, you know?””

“Sounds like fun,” Jensen commented. “My apartment building has a rooftop space that’s kind of the same idea.”

They moved back into the kitchen and Jared got them both beers from the fridge. Jensen was happy just to watch him move. Jared was lithe; reminiscent of a big cat, all stealthy and graceful. Jensen blushed a bit when Jared caught him looking, but the other man’s slight smirk told Jensen that his appreciation hadn’t gone unnoticed. Jensen reminded himself that Jared was still a possible suspect and he needed to keep a more professional demeanor.

“In the mood for a pizza?” Jared asked, pulling off a take-out order from under a refrigerator magnet. “My treat.”

“I’d hope so,” said Jensen with a smile. “Since I’m technically broke until tomorrow.”

“You can pay the next time.” Jared dialed the phone. “What do you want on it?”

Jensen felt warm at the implication that Jared thought there’d be a next time. “Uh...pepperoni and mushroom okay?”

“Works for me.” Jared placed the order. Hanging up, he said, “Twenty minutes. C’mon, let’s grab a couch 'til the food gets here.”

They sat down in the living area and Jensen took a swig of his beer. “So,” he began. “How long have you known Jeff?”

“Oh, I met him when I interviewed for the professor position--I think it was about three years ago.” Jared smiled. “He was larger than life and I knew I wanted to work under him after that first interview.”

The look in Jared’s eyes had Jensen wondering if working under him was solely in the classroom, but he didn’t know Jared well enough to comment. He thought it could be desire, but maybe Jared was just hungry for the pizza. The thought of it being more, however, twisted something in his gut. He didn’t want to think about Jared with Jeff. Or anyone else, for that matter.

Jensen mentally shook himself. What the hell was he doing, thinking about Jared having sex with other people and feeling jealous. He didn’t know Jared, didn’t even know if he was gay. Jensen had no claim over him. But you want to, a soft voice whispered in his head.

He shoved that thought down and locked the door on it, focusing on what Jared was saying.

“And so one thing led to another, and I wound up accepting the professor of folklore position.” The look on Jared’s face told Jensen he’d seen him zone out, but was going to be polite and not call him on it. Jensen flushed and ducked his head slightly.

“So…folklore…what does that entail?” He scrambled to follow Jared’s comments.

“Myths, legends, magic.” Jared drained his beer and tilted his empty bottle in question.

‘Sure.” Jensen handed Jared his empty. “So you believe in all that?”

“I think you asked me that already.” Jared tossed the bottles into a recycling bin and grabbed two more out of the fridge.

“I did, didn’t I.” Jensen grinned sheepishly. “Sorry.”

“No, It’s okay.” Jared put the bottles down on the coffee table and went to one of the bookcases. “Belief is a funny thing. For some it’s everything. For others, it’s the horoscope column in the newspaper.” He pulled out a large book. “For example, what’s your birthday? Month, day, year.”

“March 1st, 1986.” Jensen said. “I’m a Pisces.”

He watched as Jared flipped through the book. “Okay, here. March 1, 1986. Because your Sun is in Pisces, you have the ability to identify with people from all walks of life. But because Venus is also in Pisces, you favor the underdog and lean towards wanting to save people. Which falls in line perfectly with being a police officer. But that’s tempered by Saturn being in Sagittarius which makes you want the simple straightforward story--no embellishments. So you keep an eye out for cons and lies.”

Jared flipped a few pages. “And that’s a big deal when it comes to things like religion or spirituality or ‘magic’.” He smirked at Jensen. “You find it hard to just believe another person’s truth without having proof of it yourself. So you wind up having your faith tested frequently because you always look for something stable.”

Jensen was speechless. That described him almost perfectly. “And you got all that out of that book?”

“Yup.” Jared handed him the book. Jensen quickly read over the pages and sure enough, it was exactly what Jared told him. “Now there’s always going to be things that don’t fit exactly, but overall it’s pretty close.”

Jared sat on the coffee table in front of Jensen. “You can choose to believe or not. Same goes for Voodoo, folklore, magic--all of it. If you think it works, it does, simply by your belief in it.” He was about to say more when the doorbell rang. “Saved by the bell. Let me get the food.”

They settled down and ate pizza, talking about everything but religion and magic. Jensen marveled at how easy it was to talk to Jared. It was like they had known each other forever. Jensen told Jared about being a cop, his accident and life as a private investigator. They argued about who was the best basketball team--the Mavericks or the Spurs--agreed that the Cowboys were America’s team, and neither had an opinion about the Detroit Red Wings.

Jensen caught himself in the middle of a yawn. “Man, I think I need to get to bed. Been a long day.” He stretched. “Plus can’t wait to try out that spaceship of a shower.”

Jared laughed as he picked up the pizza box and the bottles. “I know, right?”

“Do you need help cleaning up?” Jensen asked as he stood up.

“Nah, I’m good. You go ahead.” Jared threw the trash away. “Rest well. Tomorrow we’ll go get your wallet.”

“Works for me.” Jensen headed to the guest room. Once he got there, he pulled out a pair of sleep pants and an old soft t-shirt. Taking them into the bathroom, he dialed up the temperature and, on a whim, chose the classic rock station on the satellite radio. He stripped down and stepped under the water spray, letting out a moan at how good it felt. Turning towards the back of the shower, he let his head fall forward and closed his eyes, feeling the water pound the muscles on his tense neck. He stood there, relaxing and humming softly to ‘Night Moves’, thinking he had to get one of these showers for his apartment.

There was a sound like a door opening, but when Jensen stuck his head out of the shower, no one was there.

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The Dragon

Fic: L'homme Vaudou (1/8)

L'homme Vaudou-Chapter 1

“Hey Ackles! Get your ass over here!”

Jensen Ackles waved at the men who were playing basketball on one of the city courts. “What’s up, Mendoza?” He leaned on his cane as he waited for the other man to jog over to him. “How’s the family?”

“Good, good.” Carlos Mendoza bounced the basketball he was holding, then tossed it to the other players so they could continue their game. “The baby is growing like a weed. You need to come and visit. Sophia was asking about you.”

“Tell her I said hi.” Jensen recalled Mendoza’s wife, Sophia; always smiling and ready with a cup of coffee whenever they’d been working late at the precinct.

“How’ve you been?” Mendoza asked, clapping Jensen on the shoulder. “Retirement looks good on you. You don’t have that indoor tan like you used to have.”

Jensen chuckled, thinking of all the years he’d spent under the fluorescent lights of the squad room. “It’s been good, I guess. The private investigation business has picked up, which is good for my wallet’”

“Glad to hear.” Mendoza wiped his face with a small towel he had tucked into his shorts. “When are you gonna stop by the precinct? The guys miss you.”

“I don’t know…kind of busy. Work and all.” Jensen rubbed the back of his neck, feeling bad for yet another declination. That was his excuse for most of the invitations from his old partner. Ever since he’d been shot and had to take early retirement, Jensen felt uncomfortable with his old coworkers. Their sympathies felt like pity, and there was no way Jensen was going to subject himself to that. It was bad enough that his friends and the therapist that he was required to go see had that look. He didn’t need it from his former buddies. Besides, with his private investigation business he was starting a new chapter of his life.

When he’d retired, his sister, Mackenzie, kept nagging him to move down to New Orleans where she was attending grad school. She wanted him to be closer to her. He remembered their last phone call.

”C’mon, Jensen, please?” Mackenzie’s voice pleaded over the phone. “You’ll love living here. New Orleans is awesome.”

“I don’t know, Mac,” he’d replied. “I know New York. We grew up here. I like the tempo.” He’d sighed. “I guess I’m just comfortable. Moving to a new city and trying to establish a business all at once…not sure it’s for me.”

“You can do it. Jeff knows practically everyone in the city. He can open some doors for you. It won’t be hard for you to get a good business going. I can feel it.” He’d heard her laughing over the phone. “Plus, I’m here and so is Jeff. Please consider it?” She’d asked in a tone she knew Jensen couldn’t refuse.

“Damn it, Mac, don’t do that.” Jensen had chuckled, picturing her batting her eyelashes at him like she did when she was younger and wanted him to do something for her. The thought of living close to her and Jeff really wasn’t a bad idea, to be honest. Jeff had known their parents and had been a good friend of their father. Jensen and Mackenzie had grown up with his visits and it was his stories about New Orleans that made Mackenzie decide to go to Tulane in the first place. Jensen had felt comfortable with her going because Jeff agreed to be Mackenzie’s faculty advisor so he’d be keeping an eye on her. She’d been thrilled when Jeff had pulled strings to not only get her into the program, but then given her the coveted role as one of his teaching assistants--a position that was hotly fought over by all the graduate students in the department.

If he moved down to the Crescent City, Jensen could see Mac more often and hang out with Jeff. And who knows, maybe he’d be able to meet someone as well. It after all,
had been a while since he’d been in any sort of relationship, temporary or otherwise.

“Please, Jen?” Mac had wheedled. “At least think about it.”

“Ok, ok, I’ll think about it.” He’d laughed. “But no promises. Tell you what. Let me wrap this case up and I’ll fly down to visit tp test the waters and see what the opportunities are.”

He’d pulled the phone away from his ear as she had squealed in happiness, wanting to preserve his eardrums. “Look, I gotta go. We’ll talk soon. Love you.” He’d hung up with a smile, wondering what it would be like to actually live in New Orleans.

“Ackles! You listening?” Mendoza knocked his arm. “I’ve been nagging at you for at least a minute.”

“Sorry, sorry. Just thinking.” Jensen grinned sheepishly.

“What’s so important that you didn’t hear me offer my Abuela’s cooking as an incentive to come visit?” Mendoza grinned back. “She’ll make those enchiladas you like. The ones with the special enchilada sauce.”

“Thinking about picking up stakes and moving down to New Orleans to be near Mac, actually,” Jensen confessed. “She’s been begging me to come down for a while.”

“Hell, son, that’s the best idea you’ve had since we raided the Chief’s stash of homemade moonshine in the back file cabinet.” Mendoza smacked his arm again. “You should go for it.”

Jensen was surprised at Mendoza’s opinion. “Seriously? You think so?”

Mendoza looked him straight in the eye. “Jensen, ever since you got shot on the job and they made you retire, you haven’t been happy. We all could tell. Even being a PI hasn’t been cutting it. You need to get out of New York and go somewhere that doesn’t have all the memories of being a cop in the Big Apple.” He smiled again. “So why not New Orleans? It’s a great city. Mac is there, and you’ve always said you liked it down there when you’ve gone to visit her. It’s not like you can’t set up a practice down there. It’s got crime same as here. Just with a Cajun flavor.”

Jensen threw back his head and laughed. “You know, you’re right. There’s nothing really left here. Mac’s there, my parents are gone. So I guess there’s nothing keeping me here.”

“Now that we’ve settled your midlife crisis, you’re coming over to the house for dinner tonight and you can tell my Abuela your plans, so she can feed you. She may even break out the good tequila.” Carlos laughed at Jensen’s expression of happiness.

“Ahh, I see. You just want me for your Abuela’s stash.” Jensen fell in step with Mendoza as they headed towards his brownstone.

“Damn right. Now let’s go eat.”

Jensen couldn’t think of anything better to do.

L'homme Vaudou-Divider 3

“Sabine, got a moment?” Jeffrey Dean Morgan buzzed his assistant. He leaned back as he waited for Sabine to enter his office. Taking off his reading glasses, he tossed them on his desk and rubbed his eyes. This last batch of essays from his undergrad Intro to Anthropology class was about to give him an aneurysm. He’d tried to get them done over the weekend, but it was too painful to read their pitiful attempts at research. He mentally cursed Wikipedia and Google for killing the concept of actual research.

Looking at the papers spread across his desk, and had to chuckle. His colleagues gave him hell about him grading his own assignments; that’s what they had teaching assistants for. They all took advantage of their teaching assistants to do all the scut work that was prevalent in the hallowed halls of academia. Jeffrey felt that if he didn’t grade at least a third of his assignments himself, he wouldn’t get a feel for his students. But this semester’s undergrad class was making him rethink that option. They just didn’t seem to be understanding the material. Sighing, he closed his eyes, feeling a headache coming on.

“That bad, huh?” Sabine came in and perched on one of the chairs by the leaded glass window. Her black hair was swept up in a neat bun and the red suit she was wearing complimented her dark skin. Jeff chuckled, she always seemed to know when he was grading the Intro class papers.

Jeff didn’t open his eyes. “You have no idea. I’m half tempted to fail them all just on this one assignment.”

Sabine chuckled. “Why don’t you?”

He stretched to loosen the knot in his shoulder. “Because there are a few who actually did a decent job and need the grade.”

“You could always reassign the project and spell the ones who passed to think they’re turning it in for the first time…” She replied cheekily.

Jeff cracked an eye open and glared at her. “Sabine…” he chided.

“Kidding.” She grinned at him. “But wouldn’t it be great if you could really do that?”

“It would be tempting,” he replied back with a small smile, finishing their little byplay.

“Yup.” She flipped the top page of the notebook she had brought in. “So what did you need me for?”

Jeff sat up and put his reading glasses on. “I need to clear a bit of space on my calendar. Can we rearrange some meetings?”

“Sure. What are you looking to move?” Sabine juggled the notepad and Jeff’s paper calendar.

“I need about two hours carved out on Thursday afternoon and everything moved on Friday before lunch.”

“Let’s see what we can do.” Jeff watched as she looked over those two days and made notes. “Okay, you have a TA meeting on Thursday, but I can cancel that. You know they’ll be thrilled.”

Laughing, Jeff nodded. “Yeah, they love me, just not during meetings. What about Friday?”

“Status meetings with David Osborne and Morgan Kemp. Oh, and Mackenzie Ackles.” She met his eyes with some concern. “I can email them to reschedule.”

“Do that with David and Morgan — Mackenzie missed last week’s meeting and I haven’t had a chance to call her, so I’ll take care of that.”

He smiled at the thought of the blonde haired girl and Jensen her brother. It had been a while since he’d heard from Jensen as well, and he made a mental note to call or text him this evening.

“Perfect. I’ll send out the changes.” She stood and headed to the door. Jeff followed her out and leaned on the wall as she sat in front of her computer.

“Great, finish that and let’s sneak out of here and get a drink at Sazerac’s. Lisa promised me gumbo tonight,” Jeff said, grabbing his leather coat and biker’s gloves.

“Ohh, yummy. I’ll call the hubs and have him meet us. Maybe he’ll let you try and beat him at pool again.” She quickly sent out the emails, closed down her compute, and gathered up her purse and coat.

“Hey now,” Jeff said, shrugging into his coat. “That was a fluke, him beating me.”

“Uh huh.” Sabine eyed him. “Fluke?”

“Fine. He wiped the table with me. I suck at pool.” Jeff let Sabine go in front of him and locked the office door behind them.

“That you do, professor. That you do.”

“I’m wounded.” Jeff put his hand to his chest. “Just for that you get to buy the first round.”

Her laughter echoed down the hall as they headed out of the building.

L'homme Vaudou-Divider 4

Jensen unlocked the door to his apartment, tossing his keys into the green ceramic bowl by the door as he entered. Taking his jacket off, he hung it up on the antique coat bench in the corner and kicked his shoes off. He padded to the kitchen and rummaged for one of the craft beers he kept stocked in his refrigerator, popped the top off and took a swig,

Dinner at Mendoza’s house had actually been pleasant, he thought as he sat down on the couch and grabbed the remote. Carlos was so proud to show off his daughter Isabella’s wobbly step, and of course the food had been amazing. Sophia’s enchiladas were out of this world and Jensen stuffed himself. Jensen smiled as he recalled Carlos’ Abuela hugging him and then smacking his arm as she scolded him for being a stranger to their house.

After dinner, they’d settled in the living room and sipped the tequila that was promised while Jensen and Carlos swapped stories and caught up. By the time it was time to go, Jensen was slightly tipsy, so an Uber was in order.

He probably shouldn’t have opened the beer, but listening to Carlos talk about what was going on at the precinct made him miss being a cop.The stories about catching the perps, the camaraderie; hell, he even missed the bad coffie. Jensen sighed, knowing that there was no way he’d ever be able to be back on the street patrol, or even detective work. He could ride a desk--he’d been offered that after he got out of the hospital – but that was like telling a racehorse he had to pull a cart. He’d wither away if he had accepted it.

Finding a replay of the Yankees game on ESPN, Jensen turned the volume down and decided to call Jeff. Jensen looked at the clock, and while it was late, he knew that Jess was more of a night owl. As he listened to the phone ring, Jensen mused again over Mackenzie’s request for her to move to New Orleans.

The key would be to find clients as soon as possible and get his private investigation business off the ground. Jensen had substantial savings; being single and not much of a wild spender, the only money he really expended was for Mac’s education. It would give him a cushion to live on for a bit while he built up the business. So, an office location, advertising, and a place to live would be first on the agenda. His motorcycle would do for regular transportation, but he might eventually need a car.

His thoughts were interrupted when Jeff answered the phone. ”Jensen… How are you, brother?” Jeff sounded pleased to hear from him.

“Pretty good. Just got home from dinner.” Jensen couldn’t help but smile at Jeff’s tone. He took a sip of beer. “Having a beer and chilling. How about you?”

“Good good. Just got home from dinner myself. Had a big bowl of Lisa’s gumbo.” Jeff chuckled. “Excellent as always.”

“Don’t tease me, asshole.” Jensen said with mock annoyance. “You know how much I like her food.”

“Sorry.” Jeff replied, but by the snark in his voice Jensen could tell he was not sorry at all.

“It’s ok. I had the best enchiladas this side of Mexico.” Jensen put his feet up on his coffee table. “So what’s going on down in N”Awlins? You keeping my baby sister out of trouble?”

As much as she’ll let me.” Jensen heard the rustling of papers. “You know, the usual. Pulling my hair out grading essays, trying to figure why my students think they can pass off Wikipedia as a real resource when they turn in their papers. That sort of thing. What about you? How’s the Big Apple?”

“Frankly kind of boring,” Jensen confessed. “Work is ok, but not as fun as being a cop. I’ve spent the last two weeks looking for missing heirs which is not as exciting as it might sound.”

“Sounds like you need a change of venue.” Jeff said.

“Funny you should mention that,” Jensen replied. “Mac has been trying to convince me to move down there, and I’m seriously thinking about taking her up on it.”

“Well it’s about time, son!” Jeff’s voice was gleeful. “She and I have been talking about now to get your ass down here permanently.”

Jensen laughed. “Good to know you two are conspiring against me.”

“Not against you – for you.” Jensen heard Jeff chuckle. “What do you need from me?”

“Not sure yet,” Jensen said. “I need to check out the competition and look at the prices of real estate for business and living. Oh yeah, licensing and stuff like that.”

“Well, son. That’s what teaching assistants are for.” Jeff replied with a pseudo evil chuckle. “You send me a list of stuff and I’ll get them started on it.”

“Um…isn’t that taking advantage?” Jensen asked.

“Hell no! It’s one of the perks of having TAs.” Jeff replied with another laugh. “They’ll be happy they don’t need to get my dry cleaning!”

“Jesus, Jeff, you send them to pick up your dry cleaning?” Jensen asked.

Jeff replied “I’ll never tell.” Jensen heard Jeff’s phone beep. “Listen, I gotta go take this call. Send me that info and let me know when you’re headed down this way. Later, dude.”

“Later.” Jensen smiled as he hung up. He was grateful to have a friend like Jeff. He was happy that Jeff was there to keep an eye on Mackenzie. Finishing his beer, he decided to give her a call. He threw the empty bottle in the recycle bin as he heard her message kick in.

You’ve reached Mackenzie Ackles. I can’t come to the phone right now so leave a message after the beep. Oh and if this is Jensen, I’m at the library, not out partying, I swear. Muahahahah!

He chuckled as he waited for the beep to sound. “Hey Mac, it’s me. When you get home from the ‘library’,” he emphasized the word, “give me a call. Thinking of heading down there for a bit and want to know your schedule. Love you, sis.”

Jensen began shutting down his apartment for the night; turning off lights and making sure the door and windows were locked tight. He was actually getting excited at the possibility of relocating to New Orleans. Maybe it was time to make a move.


Mackenzie woke up in darkness. The room was cold and damp and she could smell what seemed to be mold. Confused and dizzy, her head pounding, she reached out to feel for a lamp and found she was on the floor, what felt like a bare mattress under her. Shivering, she realized she was naked.

“Hello?” Her throat was dry and her voice was scratchy. “Hello?” There was no answer. “Is there anyone there?”

Slowly she groped around the area where the mattress was and her hand touched something solid. She pulled it to her, running her hands over it to determine it was a small camping lantern. Finding the switch, she turned it on, it’s low glow barely casting any illumination in the pitch dark. Holding the lantern up, she inspected the room, if it could be called that. Her closet in her apartment was bigger. Dark grey painted walls, a deep brown wood floor – nothing that gave any indication as to where she was. The only things she found in the space was a threadbare plaid blanket, a cardboard liquor box, and a five gallon plastic bucket.

Wrapping the blanket around herself, Mackenzie crawled over to the box. Opening it, she found bottles of water and some food; mostly granola bars, trail mix and dried fruit. Nothing that could spoil. Grabbing the bucket, she checked inside to find several rolls of cheap toilet paper.

“Great,” she muttered, shoving it away from her. “At least I have a bathroom.”

She rummaged back in the box and took out a granola bar and a bottle of water. She was thirsty and slightly hungry, but mostly cold. Scooting back onto the mattress, she checked to see that the granola bar wrapper and the bottle of water hadn’t been tampered with. She didn’t want to eat it if by chance it had been drugged. She opened the bottle, ripped off the wrapper, took a bite and a sip. As she ate, she tried to determine how she had wound up here.

She had no idea what time it was because she usually checked her cell phone for that and of course it was missing. The last thing she remembered was going out for drinks with some of the professors and teaching assistants from the Anthropology department. They had gone to Sazerac’s, the usual department hangout. Mackenzie liked because the atmosphere was cozy--lots of overstuffed furniture and table groupings if you didn't want to sit at the bar--and the drinks were reasonable.

Mike, one of the TAs, and Professor Padalecki had decided that a game of Truth or Dare with vodka shots was a good idea, and before long they’d all been pretty tipsy. Professor Padalecki – he told her to call him Jared – had kept flirting with her and even bought her a Sazerac, the official drink of New Orleans made with Absinthe, rye whiskey and cognac. He claimed that she wasn’t a true native of New Orleans until she’d had one. It was delicious and she downed it pretty quickly. Which led to another and then a trip to the bathroom.

Shit.. She remembered now asking her friend Angie to watch her drink, but when she’d returned to the table, Angie had been off dancing with Scott and her drink had been unattended. Mackenzie had been too tipsy to even consider getting a new drink so she drank the one in front of her.

Mackenzie rubbed her temples, trying to ease her headache and remember what had happened next. She thought she’d had another drink afer all, but she couldn’t be sure. The images popping up were blurry and confusing. Lots of laughter, maybe some singing, and Jared sitting really close to her. It felt cosy and she could remember drifting off for a moment. Trying to remember was making her head hurt even more, and she drank some more water, hoping it would ease the ache. She recalled feeling nauseous, then there’d been a car ride. Did she arrive at her apartment?.. There was the rumble of a deep voice soothing her and a set of familiar eyes--hazel, she thought--looking into hers. Familiar like she should know who they belonged to, then...nothing.

Oh God… she realized. Jared had hazel eyes.

Jared have abducted her?. But that felt wrong. Mackenzie dismissed that thought immediately. There was no way that Jared could have done that. He was too sweet. Everything she knew about him, of him ruled that out. She kept fishing through the unfocused images from earlier. A clear picture of Jared looming over her as she lay on her couch burst into her vision. She gasped in horror. Was it possible it really was him after all?

Mackenzie scrambled to her feet and began searching for a door or some other kind of opening. Pounding on the walls, he screamed, “Jared! Let me out, you fucker! Come on, you son of a bitch” Her fists became bruised and bloody on the rough wood of the door, her voice hoarse as she screamed, and she sank to the floor and started to cry.

Her stomach started to ache as she began to panic. Curling up under the blanket, she felt hopeless. Everyone was going to be looking for her. Jensen would be out of his mind with worry. She wished she’d had one more chance to talk to him. She started to cry harder and soon fell into unconsciousness from exhaustion.

L'homme Vaudou-PI-Marke

You’ve reached Mackenzie Ackles. I can’t come to the phone right now so leave a message after the beep. Oh and if this is Jensen, I’m at the library, not out partying, I swear. Muahahahah!

Jensen thumbed the phone off in frustration as he let himself into his apartment. He’d been calling Mackenzie repeatedly for the last day and a half without success and he was getting worried. One thing he could count on was their keeping in touch with one another. Especially since their parents had passed away and they only had each other. Something wasn’t right.

Kicking off his shoes and hanging up his jacket, he called her again, waited for the beep, and left another message. “Mac, this is ridiculous. Call me.”

He headed to the kitchen and took a pizza out of the fridge and turned the oven on to warm up. Grabbing a beer, he pulled up the location app for Mackenzie’s phone, cursing when he saw that it was turned off. “Damn it, Mac.” He dashed off a swift text--CALL ME!.

Maybe she’d met a guy? Possible, but that wouldn’t cause her to turn off her location, he mused. They’d agreed not to do that so that they could keep track of each other. Ever since their parents had died it was an unspoken agreement.

The oven dinged and he unwrapped the pizza and put it in, setting the timer. Taking a swig of his beer, he dialed Jeff’s number.

Waiting for the phone to connect, Jensen sat down at the kitchen table and flipped through the day’s mail. Most of it was bills and advertisements for the local car dealerships. He tossed it into his recycling tub.

”Hey there. I feel special. Two calls in two days.” Jensen heard the smile in Jeff’s voice. “How’d I get so lucky?”

“Luck has nothing to do with it.” Jensen said. “I’m actually looking for Mac. She’s not answering her phone or texts. Have you talked to her lately?”

”No, and, come to think of it, she missed her TA class. Hang on…. Jeff trailed off and Jensen could hear him shuffling papers. ”I just looked through my messages and she hasn’t called.”

“Damn it.” Jensen cursed, finishing his beer.

”Any chance she met up with someone and is out of cell range?” Jeff asked. ”I can ask around to see if she’s taken an interest in anyone. Or vice versa.”

“That would be great.” Jensen blew a sigh of relief. At least Jeff was down there and could check on Mac for him. “I’d really appreciate it. Let me know what you find out.”

”Will do.” Jeff paused. ”I’m sure she’s fine, Jensen. Maybe she just lost her phone or something.”

“I hope so. Thanks Jeff.” Jensen hung up and ran his hands through his hair. Calm down. She’s fine. Probably lost her phone like Jeff said.. He had to chuckle. It wouldn’t have been the first time. In high school, Mackenzie went through phones like other people went through paper towels. She either lost them or broke them or – in one infamous event – managed to flush one down the toilet. How she managed that one he still couldn’t figure out.

The pizza timer dinged, shaking him from his thoughts. Grabbing a potholder, he took the pizza out of the oven, cut it and put several pieces on a plate. He opened the fridge and took out another beer and headed to the living room to eat his dinner and watch the latest baseball game.

L'homme Vaudou-Divider 3

Chasing after the missing heirs took up the next several days. Between that and a busted pipe in his apartment, Jensen was only able to leave quick messages for Jeff and Mackenzie. He was getting increasingly worriedabout both of them.

Once Mr. Peterson, the Super, left after fixing the plumbing, Jensen tried to call them both again, but again he only got voice mails for what felt like the thousandth time.

Jensen made himself take a breath when the delivery guy from the deli around the corner brought his turkey and cheese on rye with chips, a pickle and green tea. Firing up his computer he checked his emails, hoping that Mackenzie sent him a message, but there was nothing. Jensen quickly cleared out his inbox, returning the most important emails and saving the ones that could wait until later.

Right before he was about to close out of Outlook, an email popped up from the local news outlet from New Orleans that he followed. He caught his breath, paling as he read the headline.

University Professor Missing. Police Suspect Foul Play

There was a picture of Jeff’s smiling face. “What the…”. Jensen clicked on the link and quickly read the story.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Professor of Anthropology at Tulane University, is feared missing after he failed to show up for scheduled classes yesterday. Law Enforcement Officials have determined that there was a break-in at his place of residence, but Professor Morgan was not found. This is an ongoing investigation. If anyone has any information leading to the whereabouts of Professor Morgan, please contact our tip hotline at (504) 555-1232.

Jensen sat back in shock. Jeff missing, Mackenzie not answering his calls – something really was going on and it didn’t look good. He called up his saved travel tab to see the earliest flights to New Orleans. The next available flight was out of LaGuardia, but only had first class. He booked a one way ticket then headed quickly to his bedroom to pack a bag.

Shoving the essentials into a duffel bag, Jensen unloaded his Colt, put it in a travel lockbox and placed it on top of his clothes. After calling a cab, he set his outgoing message to indicate a family emergency and texted his housekeeper to come Friday instead of Wednesday.

Grabbing his cane, He locked up his apartment and headed downstairs to wait for his cab. He’d wanted to go to New Orleans to see what it would take to start a new chapter in his life, but this was not the way he’d envisioned it. He took a deep breath and quickly crossed himself, hoping he wasn’t too late.

On to Chapter 2
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