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Proof of Life, Proof of Love

Proof of Life, Proof of Love
Rating NC-17
Pairing; Neal/El established OT3
Written for the prompt by sinfulslasher  "Rainy, Lazy Sunday Afternoon" for run_the_con 

A/N -- Well....this was SUPPOSED to be a simple ficlet about Neal, Peter and Elizabeth fooling around on a Sunday afternoon, but the train took off in a totally different direction and kept me up until 2 a.m. until it was done.  Unbetaed so all the mistakes are mine.  This is the first time I've written this type of fic so be kind but truthful.  Also if you have any suggestions on how to improve, please PM me.


Elizabeth woke to the sound of the wind blowing rain against the bedroom window.  She had not intended to take a nap, but the events of the last several days had taken every bit of strength she had.  Neal and Peter’s stakeout had gone sideways, ending up with Neal being kidnapped.  Peter was able to get a video of proof of life; however, Neal’s captors had threatened to send a finger every hour if their demands weren’t met.  Thank God Mozzie was able to trace the IP address and give Peter the location.
The takedown was ugly.  By the time it was over, both captors were dead, Peter had been winged by a stray bullet and Neal suffered bruises when his body intercepted a thrown chair.  Elizabeth met them at the Emergency Room and waited anxiously while Peter’s arm got stitched up and the doctors x-rayed Neal to check for broken ribs.  Once Peter and Neal were released, there was no question that they all were going home to Brooklyn.      
The sex was rough, hard and life affirming.  By the time the three of them broke apart, dawn was casting its simple light through the blinds. They fell asleep, exhausted.
Knowing her boys were safe, Elizabeth started to cuddle back under the covers when she realized she wasn’t alone.  Rolling onto her back, she opened her eyes to see Neal lying on his side next to her.  He was still in his tank top and sleep pants.
“Hey, babe.” She smiled at him, marveling anew that this beautiful man was in her bed. “I thought you and Peter were downstairs wrapping up yesterday’s case?”
Neal didn’t say anything.  He just kept looking at her.  Elizabeth frowned and started to get up.
“No, don’t.” Neal said and brought up his hand to stop her.  “I just…I…want to look at you.”  His hand gently caressed her face, running his thumb across her lips as if he were trying to memorize their shape.  Elizabeth turned her face to his hand, kissed his palm then intertwined their fingers.  Neal closed his eyes and brought their hands close for a kiss.
Elizabeth could sense that something was not quite right.  She rolled towards him and caressed his face as he had hers a moment ago.  
“What’s wrong, dearheart?” she asked.  Neal opened his eyes.  The haunted look in them staggered her.  “Neal…?” she whispered.
“El…..” He gathered her up in his arms, pressing her face into his chest.  “God, El, I was so scared.  I thought I was never going to see you and Peter again…” She could hear the tears in his voice and feel their damp trail across her forehead.
She pulled back a bit to see him.  “Neal, honey, I’m right here. I always will be. We both will.  It’s ok.” He choked back a sob and rolled her onto her back, burying his face in her neck.  She rubbed her hands gently across his back, avoiding the bruises as best she could.
“I need you…please.” His broken voice was punctuated by thunder of the storm moving in.  “I need….please, El…” he whispered.  Elizabeth stilled.  Instinctively, she knew what Neal was asking.  Their relationship so far had been either the three of them, or Neal and Peter.  Never just her and Neal.
“Peter?” she asked hesitantly.
“He knows.  I…I asked him for this.” He said.  “I asked him for us, just this once.  Please.”  He raised up and looked into her eyes.  Blue met blue in a swirl of honesty – raw understanding that this was more than just need.  More than just sex.  And that it was Elizabeth’s choice. Time stopped between one breath and the next.
She smiled and Neal’s face transformed.  Gently he leaned down and kissed her.  His tongue pressed in, exploring her mouth; tasting it like it was the first time.  She snagged his lower lip, biting, then soothing the pain with her tongue.  He moaned and deepened his kiss.  Elizabeth tasted the wine he must have had downstairs mixed with what she thought was chocolate.  His hands were on either side of her face, his fingers entwined in her hair.  Neal moved from her lips to her eyes, coaxing them closed as he placed one, two, three soft kisses on each.
She could feel him pressed against her, cock already hard, moving slowly, teasingly, promising…what, she didn’t know.  This was new and different.
Without warning he rolled onto his back, taking Elizabeth with him.  A clap of thunder followed by a flash of lightning made Elizabeth gasp and then laugh quietly.  She sat up on Neal’s hips, being mindful of his bruises.  Her movement put her in direct contact with Neal’s cock and she could feel it jerk in response.  She shifted to put more pressure on it and she heard him hiss in pleasure.
“God, Elizabeth….” His eyes glittered.  She smiled and ran her hand lightly along his chest, over the cotton, then teasingly across his left shoulder.  Neal shuddered, closing his eyes to focus on her touch.
“Take your shirt off,” he said roughly.
Elizabeth slipped out of the Quantico t-shirt she was wearing and threw it to the corner of the room.  Neal took her hands in his and interlaced their fingers.  He slowly guided them across her thigh and around her hip.  A jolt of desire coursed through her at that simple move.
“Neal," she gasped.
“Shhhh.” Eyes still closed, he led their hands up to her waist and splayed their fingers across her ribcage.  Mesmerized at complete and utter concentration on his face, she leaned into their hands and watched him.  A small smile played along his mouth, like he was planning the next stop on the trip their hands were taking.  
“You’re so beautiful like this,” he whispered, slowly moving their hands to cup the underside of her breasts.
“You’re eyes are closed,” Elizabeth replied.
“I know.  I can feel how beautiful you are.”  Neal’s hands brought them to her nipples.  He took her fingers in his and gently tweaked both nipples, sending waves of need down to her clit, soaking her lace underwear.  Elizabeth gasped at the sensation. “Oh God, Neal...” Unconsciously she began moving her hips, rubbing against Neal’s cock.
“Mmmmm…beautiful…….”  Neal opened his eyes and took in her kiss-swollen lips, her dusky nipples tight with arousal, her eyes glazed with need. “Don’t move your hands.” He slipped his hands from her breasts, leaned up and with some bending, was able to pull his shirt off.
Elizabeth looked down at him and saw the bruises fully formed.
 “Oh Neal.” She started to move off him, caring warring with desire.
“No…I’m fine…” He sat up and pulled her back onto his lap.  His erection trapped between their bodies radiated intense heat. Elizabeth didn’t think she could get any wetter but she was wrong when Neal ground his cock against her.
Wrapping her in his arms, he kissed her again, deeply.  Elizabeth lost herself in the sensations of his mouth on hers, cock between them, her breasts against his chest.
Neal broke the kiss and leaned down to take a nipple in his mouth.  All Elizabeth could register was wet, hot and when he bit down gently she thought she would faint.  She heard a mewling sound and realized it came from her.  Neal chuckled and rolled them over so he was on top again.
He ran his hand through her hair.  “You are so beautiful,” he said again, kissing her. Elizabeth was helpless with need and want. She moaned as he pressed kisses down her neck.  
Painstakingly Neal moved down her body, worshipping as he went.  Laving her nipples, then blowing cold breaths to make them tighten with arousal; swishing his tongue in her navel – a heady promise of things to come.  Nibbling and biting her hips; leaving tiny bruises that would fade by morning, but today marked her body and her soul.
Skillfully he removed the bit of lace that was still covering her.  Elizabeth bit her lip in anticipation. Neal continued his kissing and nibbling, moving to the inside of her thighs. Instinctively Elizabeth rocked her hips, trying to get him closer to her clit.  She felt him smile against her thigh.  He parted her outer lips and ran his tongue around her clit just barely touching it. Elizabeth squealed in frustration and reached down to grab his hair to put him where she wanted him. Neal’s laugh vibrated through her as he ran his tongue squarely over her clit.  He followed that with his fingers rhythmically pushing inside her.
Elizabeth covered her mouth with her hand to keep from screaming.  Neal’s tongue and fingers expertly drove her to the brink, then brought her back more times than she could count, never letting her fall over the edge into orgasm.  Soon she was crying with the need to have something, anything, happen to end the aching want.
Neal finally gave her a reprieve as he moved back up her body to capture her mouth.  She tasted herself in his kiss. “I need to touch you,” she whispered against his mouth.
Her hand caressed his chest, moving lightly across the bruised area to the front of his sleep pants.  Between her juices and his pre-come, the front was soaked, but that didn’t stop her from feeling how hard he was.  Neal let out a low moan as she stroked him.  He took her hand off him, quickly removed his pants and lay back.
His cock was as beautiful as the rest of him.  Steel covered in velvet.  Elizabeth ran her nails along the underside of his erection and watched Neal shudder, more pre-come leaking out of his slit.  She bent down to take him in her mouth but he stopped her.
“El…you do that and I’m done.”  Neal reached for a condom in the nightstand drawer.  “I need to be inside you.” Quickly he ripped the packet open and rolled the condom in place.
He gently lay Elizabeth back on the pillows and settled himself between her thighs.  Brushing her hair out of her eyes, he softly kissed her.  Leaning back slightly, he looked at her, silently waiting for permission.  She nodded.  He positioned himself and sank slowly to the hilt.  
She welcomed him inside her like an ancient goddess welcoming her supplicant. Slowly he started thrusting, pulling out until all that was left inside was the head of his cock, then inch-by-inch, pushing in until she completely encompassed him.  Every time he was buried in her, she tightened her muscles like she planned on keeping him there forever.
The movements were not new to them; they’d done this before.  But with just each other; the thunder and lightning of the storm breaking over them, everything took on a whole new meaning. 
“Damn…El… good.”  Neal breathed. “Need this….” He whispered.  “Need you….”
“Oh God….” Elizabeth wrapped her legs around him and pulled him in tighter.  “Yes…yes…right there....….Neal…faster.” She was breathless in her need.
Their gazes locked, Neal increased his pace until he was pounding her into the headboard.
 “Oh God…..Neal…now…please!”

Then Elizabeth fell, shattering into millions of fragments, Neal right behind her.  The crash of the thunder echoed the hammering of their hearts.
It seemed like hours before they came back to earth.  Neal curled up next to Elizabeth, one leg and one arm spread across her, playing with her hair.
“El…” he started to speak but Elizabeth put a finger to his lips.
“Hush.  You don’t need to say anything.”  She gathered him in a hug and held him until he drifted off to sleep.
Elizabeth listened to the rain for a long time while Neal slept. She thought about how he had come into their lives; into their hearts.  She heard Peter's footsteps in the hallway and looked up to see him to see him leaning in the doorway.  Elizabeth held out her hand and he came into the room and sat gently on the edge of the bed. 

“Hi, hon,” he said, taking her hand and kissing it softly. 

“Hi, hon.”

"You ok?" His brown eyes searched her face for reassurance that what he'd offered Neal hadn't been a mistake.  "Yeah," Elizabeth replied.  Peter tilted his head in the direction of Neal's sleeping form and raised a questioning eyebrow. 

“I think he is, too.” Elizabeth replied.  "But...why?"

"Because he needed you," Peter said simply, as if the answer was obvious.  She never loved him more than at that moment.  

Before she could continue, Neal stirred.
“I love you, Elizabeth Burke,” he mumbled, wrapping himself more tightly around her and sliding back into slumber.
Elizabeth’s breath caught as she looked at Peter.  He looked shocked, then his face softened and he put a gentle hand on Neal's head..  She smiled a tender smile and whispered into Neal’s tousled hair. “I love you too, Neal Caffrey.”

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