theatregirl7299 (theatregirl7299) wrote,

Charity Auction for Theatregirl7299 update

Firesign10 here with a little update!

We've reached the most exciting part of our Charity Auction for Theatregirl7299! This final week is all about the bidding! Some of you have been bidding, and then some of you have already launched your counter-bids!

Be sure to check all the way through the listings—there are a LOT of different things being offered! Crocheted goods, stamped metal jewelry, fabric snack bags, beaded jewelry, and handmade objet d'art join fiction and art offers! I can't even list the writers and artists who are offering their talents, because there are SO MANY! SO browse browse browse, and let your flist/friends/tl/tumblr know what's up too! Feature your own offers if you're a seller as well!

A note about counter-bidding: be sure to comment to the bid you are surpassing, so that the prior bidder knows and we can follow the progression of the bid. Thank you!

Tags: auction
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