theatregirl7299 (theatregirl7299) wrote,

It's auction time!

This is fireheart13, AKA firesign10, posting here for theatregirl7299's friends and f-listers. She is doing very well after her surgery.

Ashtraythief and I are co-modding the Charity Auction at fanworksauction here on LJ to help theatregirl7299. The auction is in progress, still accepting offers and with bidding open. There's a great mix of fic, art, and other items available, including a copy of Family Don't End With Blood autographed by Jared and Jensen!

The Go Fund Me is also still running. I'll be updating on that shortly. If you haven't read it it, you an go catch up on what's been happening.

Please take a look at what's posted - I guarantee you will see some lovely crafts, and lots of your favorite writers and artists representing many fandoms! Also if you could please repost this and spread the word, that would be hugely appreciated!! Thank you!
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