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Encouraging words for writers

Originally posted by amberdreams at Encouraging words for writers

From Amberdreams - and I agree - "I found this on tumblr, and I, for one, am takng some comfort from it. I shall just continue to endeavour to be a good writer."

Here are those words:

In fanfiction there is a difference between being a good writer and a popular writer.

Just because you can write a well-structured story with dynamic and consistent writing and characters doesn’t mean you will be popular. And sometimes stories that have disorganized plots, mediocre writing, and/or OOC characters will be held up as the greatest things to ever exist.

Just because your writing isn’t popular doesn’t mean you are a bad writer. Don’t ever compromise who you are, who your characters are, your plot, your writing style, anything for the sake of readership.

There are popular writers everywhere. But there are only so many good writers.

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