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From SPN_Sil: Call for help from my SPN Family

To my SPN Flisties -

Some of you know SPN-Sil. She's the wonderful SPN Family Member who collects all the tweets, photos, and videos of the SPN Cons and posts then all in one place so we can enjoy them. She is in a bad place and needs our help. Please read, repost, go to twitter, tumblr and retweet and reblog and if you can, donate.

I'm putting her PayPal link here as well as it being in the information under the cut. Please - if you can - help.

Hi everyone! Hope you're all enjoying all the con coverage and looking forward to ‪#‎SPNphx‬ this weekend as much as I am!
I come to you today because I am in need of your help. I am not one to share too much about myself personally, or my life offline. However, desperate times are calling for desperate measures.

As most of you know, I care for my elderly parents, and it is a full-time job. What you don't know is that the 3 of us live on a social security income designed for about 1.5 people and unfortunately they burned through what little lifesaving they had long ago.

Also, my parent's health is deteriorating rapidly. My mother is about 250 lbs, has multiple sclerosis, is diabetic and has near 100% short-term memory loss. My father had surgery to replace part of his aorta 4 yrs ago which resulted in complications, including several strokes leaving him with some aphasia (not being able to communicate the right word) and memory loss, in addition to leaving him legally blind. He also has severe COPD. These issues are progressing as they age and they are beginning to be more than I can handle myself and I fear they will need a nursing home sooner rather than later.

I share that with you to let you know that once that happens, what little money they receive will go to the nursing home and if I don't find some source of income before then, I will be left penniless and homeless. This is not an exaggeration, this is fact, and this is *not* an option I can live with again. Yes, again. I am not going to go into too many details about this, or what follows this, other than to say that I am deeply embarrassed and ashamed of what I'm about to tell you. Not long ago, I lived in a women's shelter for 9 months, and although it could have been worse, it was still one of the worst experiences of my life. If it weren't for what caused that to happen, I would have called it *the* worst experience of my life. It was my children and Supernatural, "the little show that could," that both gave me the will to live, and showed me how, respectively. I literally would not have survived without them, and I cannot, and I will not live long enough to experience that again. But I don't want to focus on that, instead, I want to focus on what I need to do *now* in order to prevent that inevitability from happening. However, there is one thing standing in my way.

I have a rather large debt that is preventing me from finding work or getting health insurance in order to apply for disability. Well, it's a rather large *to me* because frankly anything other than utilities and living expenses is beyond our reach. However, the few people I have confided in have said that it's a reasonable amount to ask for and I trust their judgement. This debt is also tied to a legal issue so it comes up in any background search a potential employer would run. The result is a catch-22 situation where I need money to pay off the debt, but I can't earn money until the debt is paid.

That's where I'm hoping my ‪#‎SPNFamily‬ may be willing to help. Unfortunately, I am not artistic, and I am not as crafty as some of you are, so I do not have anything I could sell to you that would be of any value. All I have is what I do while covering cons. Please know that although my team helps me a great deal in covering cons, they also know that I am the only one working on con coverage "full time" and they all support my doing this and they support having any and all donations go to me in order to pay off this debt. So I am hoping that IF you appreciate what I do, and only IF you are able to donate, you might be willing to make a donation to a "tip jar" so to speak. I have found that Gofundme and other similar sites take a good sized chunk out of fundraisers, so because I need every penny I can get, I have established a PayPal.Me link where you can donate directly to my PayPal acct, free of any charges or fees! My PayPal link is:

This would be a strictly voluntary contribution! I will not change *anything* with regards to my con coverage whether you do or do not donate! I understand that money is tight for many of you and that you follow me precisely because you cannot afford to go to cons. Because I am in the exact same position, that is precisely why I cover cons the way I do. So let me say to you that I appreciate you in every way possible! This is *only* for people that *can* afford to donate. A RT means every bit as much to me as a donation and I thank you very much for that!

Now, the only downside to using PayPal.Me is that you cannot see whether or not a goal amount has been reached or even what the goal amount is. I have not mentioned what that amount is, and I am so deeply embarrassed and ashamed by this I'm not going to reveal exactly how much is needed *other than to say* it is approximately the amount needed to enjoy going to a con on a gold pass, including POs, autos, hotel and travel. I would hope my reputation, the person you have gotten to know, will be sufficient to know beyond doubt that when the goal amount is reached I *will* let you know! I will also state right now that I may keep the "tip jar" running afterwards as well in order to help with living expenses until I can find income through work or qualifying for disability or both. But I *promise* to let you know what your "tip" will be going towards every step of the way and I hope the last two years have proven that I am a person you can trust when I give you my word.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, my apologies that it was so long. As I said I am not one to share too much of myself and I tend to keep things pretty close to the vest. Therefore, I do not know how to do this concisely. I feel extremely vulnerable right now and hope you will take that into account when forming your opinion on my doing this. No doubt some will not like this. To those people I say that I understand, I don't *like* it either, though I'm sure that’s for different reasons. But you may think I trying to capitalize on the work of others. If you do, let me just say two things: a) I have spoken with two very well know photographers and they are 100% in support of this and because they feel their pics were seen by more people had I not shared them in our collections, they believe others will be too, and b) there is *so much* work that goes into doing this that no one ever sees. Y'all see the results of our work, you do not see the time it takes to organize who's doing what and when, contacting previous live-tweeter's to see if they'll be attending again, search after search after search on YouTube to make sure you get those videos as quickly as possible and getting very little sleep and yet setting that alarm in order to wake up to do it all again.

For those that understand that I'm doing this in order to move my life forward, in a positive direction, to those that get that I'm trying to change my life from stagnant to movement, to those that understand I would not be doing this if I could see any other way possible, and to those that may sympathize with the fear and anxiety I am feeling right now by exposing to light that which I have kept in shadow for so long and the vulnerability I feel in doing so, and to those people I truly do not have the words to properly express how much your support means to me! I deeply and sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart! Jared tells us to Always Keep Fighting, and this is me, doing my best, to do just that, because, as Jensen and Misha say, I know I’m Not Alone. Thank you for your support and love and acceptance and understanding. I love you right back!!

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