theatregirl7299 (theatregirl7299) wrote,

How Many Licks Does It Take to Get to the Center of A Tootsie Pop?

Title: How Many Licks Does It Take to Get to the Center of A Tootsie Pop?
Author: theatregirl7299
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Pairings: J2
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,166
Beta: > firesign10
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Summary: It wasn't the great prices or superior customer service that drew Jensen ackles to his neighborhood target. It was a cashier with long brown hair and red lips that always looked sticky and sweet from his ever-present Tootsie Pops.

A/N: This fic is doing double duty as my February entry for smpc as well as part of my 12 Days prompts. This one is for emmatheslayer’s prompt of “Lips as Red as Licked Red Candy.”

The express line at Target had more than ten people in line. Jensen Ackles didn’t care. He wasn’t there for convenience – in fact, there was nothing that he really needed from the store. But he found himself with a package of toilet paper and a two-liter of Pepsi standing behind a heavily made-up woman who had more than the maximum items in her cart.

Simply to stare at the cashier.

Jensen didn’t know his last name – his tag only said “Jared.” But he was the hottest man Jensen had ever seen. Taller than Jensen’s 6’1”, his brown hair flopped engagingly in his eyes when he tilted his head to look at the register. He had dimples that Jensen could lose himself in, and eyes that kept changing color.

But it was his habit of sucking on a Tootsie Pop that brought Jensen back every other day. He wasn’t sure what flavor it was – just that it was one of the red ones. It turned Jared’s mouth a slick red that made Jensen want to lean over the counter and taste his lips. His cousin Danneel teased him that he was keeping Target in business with the amount of time and money he spent there just to see Jared.

“So are you going to buy that stuff or just hold it?”

Jensen was jerked out of his fantasy of tasting Jared’s lips by the man himself. He looked up and Jared was smiling patiently at him, dimples showing in full force. And that damn Tootsie Pop in his mouth.

“Sorry…sorry…” He quickly put his items on the belt for Jared to ring up. “Just distracted. Waiting, you know?” He ducked his head, not seeing the slight narrowing of Jared’s eyes.

“Understandable. I never get how people can’t read the ‘20 items or less’ sign.” Jared pointed to the notice on the light pole with a sigh. “But management says we can’t say anything about it.”

“Yeah.” Jensen nodded, trying not to blush. The most he’d ever said to Jared before was ‘hello’ and ‘thank you.’ He never could figure out how to start a conversation.

“Hey, are you okay?” Jared had a concerned tone in his voice.

“Yeah, why?” Jensen was confused by Jared’s question.

“Well, not to be nosy, but this is the second 12-pack of toilet paper you’ve bought this week.” Jared smiled at him. “Just was worried you weren’t feeling well.”

Jensen was in shock at the fact that Jared had noticed him. And was worried.

“No…no…,” he stammered, searching for a reason for his purchase. “My…my cousin, she lives across the hall from me, she asked me to pick some up for her since I was headed to the store anyway.” Jensen chuckled nervously. “No, I’m fine. Nice and regular.”

Oh God, did he just say that? Jensen groaned mentally. What an idiot.

“That’s good to know,” Jared laughed. “Okay, your total is $8.23.”

Jensen swiped his card, wishing the ground would just open and swallow him up. Signing the slip, he grabbed his bag and turned to hurry out the door when Jared grabbed his arm.

“You know, you don’t have to keep buying stuff if you want to see me,” he said in a quiet voice, pressing something into Jensen’s hand.

Jensen didn’t have time to reply before Jared had turned to the next customer, saying, “Hi, did you find everything you need?”

Jensen practically ran to his car, sliding in behind the wheel before he looked at what Jared had given him.

It was a Tootsie Pop wrapper – raspberry flavor – with J. Padalecki and a phone number scratched on it.

Jensen grinned all the way home.


Jared shoved Jensen up against the apartment wall, his hands cupping Jensen’s cheeks, his lips crushing Jensen’s.

This was date three and it couldn’t have come soon enough.

The day after Jared had given Jensen his number, Jensen called and they agreed to go out for burgers at Cow Bells. The food cart wasn’t too terribly crowded and they were able to find a picnic table. Jensen had to grin at Jared’s utter glee with his Spare Tire, teasing him about his professed love for fried pickles on his burger.

“You should try it!” Jared waved a pickle in front of him.

“No thanks, I’ll stick with the basics.” Jensen held up his burger, dressed simply with lettuce, tomato, and ketchup.

“You’re missing out.” Jared popped the pickle into his mouth and chewed happily.

They talked about school, comparing their schedules at UT-Austin; their families, discovering that they were both middle children with older brothers and younger sisters; and the Cowboys chance to make the playoffs.

The time flew by and eventually Jensen had to drive Jared home because they both had early classes. He hoped to be invited in for a drink, or maybe a make out session, but Jared leaned in, kissed him on the cheek and said, “I had a good time tonight, thank you,” before softly shutting the door, leaving Jensen standing on the porch.

Date two was similar to date one. They’d called and texted each other almost every day due to their busy schedules, and finally were able to set up a night to go listen to Jensen’s friend Chris play at The Mean-Eyed Cat.

There was booze and BBQ and good music, and again Jensen was left at the door with a quick kiss on the cheek and a “I had a nice time.”

He complained to Danneel about it. She laughed at him and said, “Maybe he’s waiting for date three?”

It seemed that Jared was.

They stood at the door and Jensen was anticipating another evening of going home with blue balls when Jared took his hand and pulled him into his apartment.

Jensen found himself up against the wall, Jared’s lips on his, his tongue begging for entrance, and he was ecstatic about it.

He opened his mouth to suck in Jared’s tongue, tasting the raspberry flavor of the Tootsie Pop Jared had finished in the car on the way home.

Finally! his brain crowed while his hips ground against Jared’s.

“Oh god!” Jared bucked up against him and Jensen could feel his cock, solid and hard and large, against his thigh. Jensen usually didn’t have a size kink, but for Jared he could make an exception. Just the thought of Jared buried in his ass almost made him come right there and then.

“Jensen…fuck…” Jared whined and rutted some more before falling to his knees. “Wanted you from the first day you came through my line.” Jensen felt Jared’s hands at his waist, unbuckling and unzipping him. “Wanna suck you…”

His head banged against the wall as Jensen felt the cool breeze touch his already throbbing cock. “Please…” Then Jared’s hands circled him, pulling him out of his boxer briefs, his fingers tightening around Jensen like a cock ring.

The cool air turned warm as Jared breathed on Jensen’s dick before slowly sliding it into his mouth. Wet, hot and tight was all Jensen could comprehend. He thrust forward, burying himself in Jared’s throat, before pulling back with an apology.

“Sorry, sorry.”

Jared pulled off and looked up at him. “Don’t be. Do it again.”

“Fuck…,” Jensen breathed, looking at Jared. His hair was messy, his lips red, swollen and shiny with spit. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Trust me, you won’t.” His eyes never leaving Jensen’s, Jared took him back into his mouth and slowly swallowed him until Jensen could feel Jared’s nose against his skin. Jared slid him back out, swirling his tongue around Jensen’s slit before sucking him back in.

“Oh god.” Jensen began rocking his hips, moving with Jared’s mouth, feeling his cock hit the back of Jared’s throat. It was burning and wonderful and Jensen never wanted it to end.

His hands tangled himself in Jared’s hair, pulling him closer, as if that were even possible.

Jared responded with a groan, moving faster and sucking harder, one hand squeezing, keeping Jensen from coming.

Jensen gasped when Jared slipped two fingers into his mouth, the added pressure against his dick spiraling up his arousal. Jared sucked, then pulled his fingers out, trailing them up behind Jensen’s balls, before circling his hole.

He slid off Jensen’s cock to whisper. “Let me in…,” nudging his fingers against Jensen. “Please…”

Jensen’s head fell back against the wall with a thump, his legs widening to give Jared more access. “Yeah. Oh god…yeah.”

Jared’s finger pushed in slowly, the burn making Jensen hiss. In and out, going deeper until Jensen swore he couldn’t take any more. Then a second finger, sliding in next to the first, hitting his prostate just right and making sparks shoot up Jensen’s spine.

Moaning, he rode Jared’s fingers, fucking his face, caught on the edge of the orgasm that Jared kept denying him.

It could have been hours, it could have been minutes, Jensen couldn’t tell. His focus was on Jared’s mouth and hands and what they were doing to him.

Jared played him like a master musician, his tongue circling around the head of Jensen’s cock, his fingers hitting just the right spot. Teasing Jensen as he stretched him, his mouth wrapped around him, teeth grazing flesh, tongue dipping the end into his slit, slithering down his shaft until his face was pressed against the hair at the base of Jensen’s dick.

Then he would swallow.

Over and over again, the rhythm mesmerizing, his throat massaging Jensen’s cock like no one else had ever done.

Jensen stared at Jared, watching him as he – worshiped was the only word that fit – as he worshiped Jensen’s cock and ass. Jared’s hair was sweaty and matted, eyes heavy-lidded with want as he would glance up at Jensen before sucking him deep into his throat again.

Then back up, nibbling at the bundle of nerves right under the head of Jensen’s cock, rocking his fingers in and out. Want pulsed through Jensen’s blood as he watched Jared and he felt his balls draw up.

“Oh god, Jared, gonna come!”

Jared replied by tightening his grip around the base of Jensen's cock, staving off Jensen’s orgasm.

“Fuck, Jared, you’re gonna kill me!”

Jared’s chuckle sent shivers up Jensen’s spine. He pulled off and grinned at Jensen. “Want me to stop?”

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

Jared’s smile got wider. “Didn’t think so.”

Jensen howled as Jared sucked him down again, this time not holding back. He felt Jared pull his fingers out of Jensen’s hole and grab his ass, urging Jensen to fuck his face.

Jensen knotted his hands into Jared’s hair and shoved forward, rocking his hips, giving Jared everything.

“Oh fuck, yeah. Feels so good…” With a shout, Jensen came, pouring down Jared’s throat. His vision whited out and he slumped over Jared, weakly riding out his pleasure.

Dimly he felt Jared pull off and gently tuck him back into his pants. Sliding down the wall, he looked up at Jared, marveling how incredible he looked with his swollen lips and messed-up hair.

“God, you’re gorgeous.”

“Thanks.” Jared blushed, his voice rough. He sat next to Jensen and leaned his head on Jensen’s shoulder.

Jensen smiled to himself. It felt right sitting on the floor with Jared after the best blowjob of his life. Jared was –

“Oh fuck, man, I’m sorry!” Jensen turned and looked at Jared. “That was so awesome that I left you hanging.” He moved to unbuckle Jared’s pants.

“No, it’s okay.” Jared gestured at his jeans and Jensen saw a dark wet spot on the front. “Without being too much of a cliché, blowing you was really hot.”

Jensen couldn’t do anything but kiss him at that. Jared tasted like Jensen and raspberry Tootsie Pop and Jensen never wanted to stop.

Nibbling at his lips, Jared whispered. “So…that was good?”

“Better than good.” He wrapped his arms around Jared. “It was incredible."

Jared laughed softly. "So...are we on for date four?"

* * *

Three days later Jensen found himself standing in line behind the same woman, who still couldn’t seem to read the “twenty items or less sign” at the register. But this time it didn’t matter. It gave him plenty of time to watch Jared suck on a Tootsie Pop as he rang up the woman’s groceries.

Jared looked as gorgeous as ever, the sucker making his lips shiny and red. Jensen’s jeans tightened as he remembered what those lips had done to him the other night.

“Good evening and welcome to Target.” Jared’s voice was amused. “How may I help you?”

“Just this.” Jensen took an oversized bag of Tootsie Pops out of his basket and placed it on the conveyor belt. “Thought I’d better stock up. My boyfriend likes them.”

“I don’t eat that many,” Jared mock-pouted.

“Oh I know.” Jensen leaned in and lowered his voice. “But after that blow job, i thought I better start sucking on them myself.”


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