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The 12 Days of Fic-Mas 2015

I had such a fantastic time last year doing this meme that I thought I would try it again.

So, in keeping with the holidays, I present to you the 12 days of Fic-Mas meme.

It follows along the lines of elrhiarhodan’s Fic-can-ukah meme:

I will write and post 1 fic a day for the 12 days of Christmas. The post dates are Dec. 25 through Jan. 6 (Epiphany). One prompt per person at first please. If there are more than 12 I’ll try my best to fill but there are no guarantees.

Please choose a prompt from the list below and a pairing and a rating if you want. You can pick a current verse or RPF or nothing at all. For my Supernatural friends – let your friends know and I’ll be happy to write SPN for them. And also those of you in White Collar who like Supernatural, feel free to pick that fandom.

Don’t expect holiday fics – if it happens that way then great. If not, blame the Muse, cause she’s always in charge.

Without further ado…

The Prompts

We took it to go
Your father’s eyes
The instrument of the sorrowful
Living as he did…
Black as a crow’s wing
“If I want, I can remember everything”
Who can say at what point dying begins
What happened between one moment and the next
A black-winged moth
Lips as red as a licked red candy
Mother said
These are the stories of my father
Things that enter by way of silence
The blues in the night
A stranger came to town
It was written in the margin
Taking a nap
My debt was … to memory
The sound of a thousand secrets
Small madnesses
When loneliness comes after stalking
Fever dreams
A shifting of shadows
A collection of lies
Stolen goods

The List

The First Day of Fic-Mas – lotrspnfangirl J2 or Wincest. A stranger came to town.
The Second Day of Fic-Mas – pooh_collector Peter/Neal. “If I want, I can remember everything.”
The Third Day of Fic-Mas – emmatheslayer J2. Lips as red as a licked red candy.
The Fourth Day of Fic-Mas – firesign10 Wincest. Who can say at what point dying begins.
The Fifth Day of Fic-Mas – elrhiarhodan Peter/Neal (Dragonverse!). The sound of a thousand secrets.
The Sixth Day of Fic-Mas – tjs_whatnot White Collar any paring. It was written in the margin.
The Seventh Day of Fic-Mas – cassiopeia7 J2 or Wincest. A Shifting of Shadows.
The Eighth Day of Fic-Mas – pipilj Peter/El. My debt was … to memory. (Gen)
The Ninth Day of Fic-Mas – kanarek13 Peter/Neal. Fever Dreams
The Tenth Day of Fic-Mas – joy2190 Peter/Neal. Small Madnesses.
The Eleventh Day of Fic-Mas – aragarna Neal Burke. Mother said. (gen)
The Twelfth Day of Fic-Mas – sinfulslasher SPN. These are the sins of my father. (Wincest or gen)
The Thirteenth Day of Fic-Mas - sandy79 Peter/Neal. The blues in the night.
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