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How Fast Can You Fly?

Title: How Fast Can You Fly?
Author: theatregirl7299
Fandom: White Collar
Characters/Pairings: Peter & Diana, OCs
Rating: PG
Word Count: 803
Summary: Diana meets Peter for the first time.

A/N: Written for elrhiarhodan’s Promptfest 2015. Based on the prompt “Power.” Finally posting this.

Part of the Dragon'verse series.

Diana learned everything she needed know about treasure from her grandmother. She learned everything she needed to know about business from her father. She learned everything she needed to know about protecting the ones she loved from her bodyguard Charlie.

She learned everything she needed to know about being a dragon from Peter Burke.

The day they met wasn’t of any special significance. Diana’s father was conducting a business meeting with several of his associates at the house while her mother was entertaining their wives out on the veranda.

Diana had escaped Charlie’s watchful eye for once and managed to sneak her scooter into the house. She was riding up and down the hallways as fast as her nine-year-old feet could propel her, thoroughly enjoying her little bit of freedom.

Turning the corner, she ran smack-dab into the tallest person she had ever seen. The scooter went one way, Diana the other, and the antique Waterford vase a third. The crash of breaking glass brought both her parents and Charlie running.

“What happened?” Diana’s mother surveyed the mess. “Diana what did you do?”

“Nothing mama, I was just…just…” Diana felt her cheeks heat and the tears begin to run down her face. “I turned the corner and he was right there and I couldn’t stop and I hit him and the scooter ran into the table and knocked the vase over and it broke and I didn’t MEAN to…” She trailed off, her throat closing on a sob.

“You know how expensive that vase was!” Her father’s voice rumbled in displeasure. “You’re not supposed to be playing in the halls for just this reason.”

“I’m sorry, Father. It was an accident.” Diana wiped her tears from her face and sniffled.

“She’s right, William. It was an accident.” The words came from the man she had run into. Diana snuck a look at him. He was tall, taller than the tallest trees, she thought. And important, if her father and mother’s attitude was any indication. They were vibrating like they did when the Patriarch and his mate came to visit. She dropped her eyes when she saw he was looking at her with a smile. “I wasn’t paying attention where I was going and there was no way she could have avoided me. So really, it was my fault, not hers.”

Diana was in shock. She’d never heard a grownup take the blame for something. Especially someone that made her parents behave the way they were.

“Thank you Peter, but I can’t have you take the responsibility for Diana’s misbehavior -” Diana’s mother began, but the tall man – Peter – cut her off.

“She wasn’t misbehaving, Celia, she was just being a child.” Peter bent down until he was level with Diana. “I’m Peter, by the way. And I gather that you’re Diana.” His brown eyes twinkled with humor and she decided that she liked him. “So where were you headed in such a hurry?”

Suddenly shy, Diana mumbled softly.

“I didn’t catch that. Can you tell me again?” Peter leaned in and motioned for Diana to repeat herself. “I was flying,” she whispered. “Pretending I was over the mountains.”

Peter laughed and winked at her. “I like flying too,” he whispered back. “I don’t get to do it that much anymore.”

“Why not?” She tilted her head to look at him, wondering why anyone would not want to fly whenever they got the chance.

“Diana! Don’t question!” her mother hissed.

Diana watched as Peter stood and looked at her mother with a frown. “There was nothing wrong with her question.” Peter turned back to Diana. “I don’t get to fly as often as I'd like because I work too much.”

“That’s too bad.” Diana felt sorry for him. She paused, a thought coming to her. “Well, if you’re not working one day, maybe you can come over and fly with me?” She thought how much fun it would be to fly with a dragon as big as Peter.

She heard her parents gasp and Charlie snort.

“I think it’s time for you to go back to your room, young lady,” her father hissed. “And an apology to Mr. Burke for interrupting our business meeting is in order as well.”

“No.” The windows rattled with that one word. Diana saw her parents flinch. “You’re not going to send her to her room because she asked an innocent question, William. In fact, I think I’m going to cancel our business meeting. I just remembered another appointment.”

Diana watched as he bent down and picked up her scooter. “Diana, what do you say we go outside and you show me just how fast you can fly on this scooter?”

Peter held out his hand. With a smile, Diana took it and they headed out the door.

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