theatregirl7299 (theatregirl7299) wrote,

Gen Bingo

Lemming, lemming, who is a lemming? MEEEEEE!!!! I don't know why I do these - I keep getting them and never finishing because I always forget to mark my stories down as bingo cards. Maybe this one will work because you can write 100 word drabbles..... it is.

Teacher Sun and Stars Vicious Victorious Steel
Co-workers Hero Soft Triads (Maiden / Mother / Crone, The Fates, Macbeth's Witches, etc.) Found Families
Siblings Warrior Wild Card Silhouette Honour / Prestige
Shadows / Darkness Best Friends Pioneer Enemy Team Mates
Extraordinary Songs from Childhood The Ties that Bind The Nature of the Soul / Consciousness Sphinxes and Chimerae
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