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Twenty Questions Meme

Grabbed this from elrhiarhodan's journal.

Pick a number, any number, and I'll answer it… Just make sure you let me know which fandom.

1. Which is your favorite of the fics you've written for White Collar or Supernatural fandom? (you can choose, one or more)
2. Do you have a favorite piece overall? Favorite series?
3. Which story was the hardest to write, in terms of plot?
4. Which story the most "you" in it, however you'd define "you"?
5. Which story or series are particularly proud of?
6. An idea that you always wanted to write but could never make work?
7. Do you have plot point/chapter/moments that you dislike, make you cringe, or wish to retcon? If so, why and what would you change?
8. Favorite plot point/chapter/moment?
9. Favorite character to write?
10. Favorite line or lines of dialogue that you've written
11. If I'm asked to recommend just one of your pieces to someone, which one should it be?
12. What WIPs do you have going now? Are you excited about them?
13. Are there any things that might have happened in any of your stories, but you changed them at the last minute? (So-and-so dies, they don't actually kiss, main character has long extended ballet-based dream sequence, etc.)
14. Would you want to write canon for any of your fandoms? If so, what would you want to see on screen?
15. Does font matter to you when you're writing a draft?
16. Your three favorite comments ever received on fanfic.
17. Have you ever received any mean comments? How'd you deal with it?
18. If you could go back and revise one of your older stories, which would it be and what would you change?
19. Do you make up scenes at work or when you're not actually sitting down and writing?? Who are the characters that pop up the most? Do you write them down?
20. Go nuts, and talk about your writing. Your process. What you love. What you hate.

Don't worry if someone's already picked the question you want answers to. Some questions can be asked more than once.
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