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Dear Author Letter

Dear Author:

This is the first time I’m signing up for the Purim Gifts Challenge and I want to thank you so very much for writing for me. I am really excited to participate this year.

I have a broad interest range, which doesn’t narrow down the list, so I’ll give you some specifics to guide the way:

My primary fandom is White Collar. While I love the series (and am sad to see it end), the creator, Jeff Eastin, did not include any canonically Jewish characters in a show set in a city with the largest population of Jews in the world (outside of Israel). The only character whose religion we know is Peter Burke - a lapsed Catholic.

So there are lots of opportunities to flesh out the side characters and/or add original Jewish characters.

If you want to focus on the “Evil Vizier” idea – there are lots of baddies that fit the bill – season one had Fowler, season two had Adler, we’ve got Kramer in season three and Senator Terrance Pratt in Season Four. Season 5 had Curtis Hagen with his manipulations of the events and Season 6 was chock full of bad guys – Keller, Renaud, Woodford.

The ships I like the best are Peter/Neal, Peter/Elizabeth, Peter/Elizabeth/Neal, as well as all sorts of friendship pairings.

I also added White Collar RPS/F and I ship Tim/Matt, and Tim/Matt/Simon. I’m sure there is some way of fitting that into Purim.

Other Fandoms

Supernatural RPF - I love Jared/Jensen, Jared/Jensen/Jeff, Jensen/Chris Kane, Jared/Jensen/Chris primarily, and I also love friendships including Sandy, Genevieve and Danneel. Those three ladies definitely fit the strong woman mold and any could be of Hebrew descent.

Because it’s the RPF there’s lots of opportunities for AU stories that would work wonderfully for me.

The Librarians (2014) - this new series on TNT has captured my attention. I loved the original movies and the new cast is so much fun. Eve Baird and Cassandra Cillian are fantastic female characters that deal with the events from such different perspectives. And yeah - have a thing for Christian Kane (if you couldn't tell from the SPN RPF likes list).

Dragon Riders of Pern - I would love any story featuring the characters from the original trilogy and the Harper Hall trilogy. This is a universe I grew up reading and there is so much mythology to play with.

Kinds of Fic I Like

I'll read almost anything except death fic (unless it's pretend death). I love porn and most kinks are good except for humiliation kink of any kind. Respect for partners is essential. Other dislikes are pee and scat fics, and graphic rape fic.

I love misunderstanding fic, particularly where there’s a break-up and then a make-up. I love fic that involves art and music and literature. Classical allusions are a delight. Crossovers and A/Us are fine, too, so long as they make sense.

I hope this is enough information to inspire you, Author.

And thank you in advance for your wonderful gifts.
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