theatregirl7299 (theatregirl7299) wrote,

In His Shoes

Author Theatregirl7299
Title In His Shoes
b>Word Count</b> 250
Rating G,
Warnings and Content None
Spoilers maybe 4x10

Beautiful day for a celebration, he thought as he got dressed. In a world that sometimes forgets who the good guys are, it’s nice to recognize them once in a while. He buttoned his shirt, tucking it into his pants. Next came the belt; last but not least, the tie. He couldn’t decide between the red or the blue.

Walking into the hallway he called, “Hon, can you help me please?” He heard a muffled “Just a sec” and smiled to himself. He was glad he had someone like her to help with wardrobe choices…something he was hopeless at.

He held the ties up as she entered the room, footsteps trailing behind her. “Blue.”

“Daddy!” The little boy launched himself at his father who swooped him up in a big hug.

“How’s my little man?” Mirror images of wavy brown hair and sky blue eyes grinned at each other. “Can you get me my shoes?”

”Sure, Daddy.” The boy scrambled down and disappeared into the closet, only to come out shuffling with the well-worn oxfords covering his Scooby-Doo socks. “Look Daddy, I’m you. Put your hands up!”

“Gonna be a cop like your old man, huh?” The boy grinned. His father tousled his hair and put on the shoes. “I need to get to Ellen’s commendation ceremony.”

“A bad storm’s coming in tonight,” his wife said and shuddered. “Be careful.”

He laughed. “You always think storms are an omen for something evil.” Smiling, he kissed them and left the house.
Tags: neal caffrey, white collar
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