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Similis In Terra - Part Four

Similis in Terra – Part 4/5

The rest of the day was uneventful. They drove through big cities and small towns, around industrial areas and fields full of cows. Their conversation ebbed and flowed. Jared tried to get Jensen to play an alphabet game with license plates until Jensen pointed out that he had no clue the names of the states.

They stopped several times for food and again Jensen marveled at the amount Jared could put away in one sitting.

It was dark by the time they got back on the road after dinner. The conversation migrated to comparing notes on each other’s worlds. Just as Jensen had said, the differences were minimal – mostly names – and they spent a good ninety minutes matching up movie titles and famous people.

Jensen was actually enjoying himself when he looked in the rear view mirror and realized that the headlights behind them were from the same car and had been trailing them for the last thirty minutes.

He cursed himself for being too wrapped up in Jared and their conversation and not paying attention to their surroundings.

“Jared, don’t make it obvious, but look in the rear view mirror. We’re being followed.” Jensen checked the side mirror. The car was keeping just the right amount of distance that he would if he were trailing someone. “I think Sheppard found us.”

What? Why didn’t the timepiece pick it up?” Jared’s voice was frantic.

Jensen dug through his jean pockets until he remembered he’d put the timepiece in his coat pocket. Which he’d dumped in the back seat after dinner. “Because I’m an idiot and it’s in my coat.” He twisted around and grabbed his coat, fumbling for the pocket. He took out the timepiece which was beeping rapidly.

Fuck Fuck Fuck!

“We’ve got to do something.” Think Ackles! “Okay, take the next exit but wait until the last moment.”

He saw Jared nod, his face pale in the oncoming headlights. The bus jerked as Jared swung the wheel hard to the right and took the exit, cutting off several cars.

“What now?” Jared sped up, taking a right onto the two-lane. “Did they make it? “

“Yeah, they managed. Floor this thing.” Jensen’s mind ran through and discarded options as he saw the other car pick up speed to stay with them.

The bus rattled as Jared pressed the gas pedal to the floor. Jensen prayed that it would stay together as they took a curve on what felt like two wheels.

“There! Turn there!” Jensen pointed to a road on their left. Jared turned, tires squealing.

“Now go right!” Again, Jared took the turn and Jensen could hear items flying around in the back of the bus.

Sheppard and his crew were still behind them like orcas stalking their prey.

He pushed the communication button on the timepiece. “Chris, man. You better be there!”

“I’m here. What the hell, Jensen?”

“Sheppard found us. I need you to jam our signal!” Jensen’s shoulder hit the door as Jared swerved down another street.

“Working on it! I need five minutes.” Jensen heard Chris shouting instructions.

“We don’t HAVE five minutes!” Glancing out the window, Jensen registered that they were heading into the warehouse district of whatever town they were in. Which didn’t bode well for them if Sheppard and his men decided to start shooting.

“Hurry, Chris!”

“I’m working on it!”

Jared took another right then a left then another right. His maneuvers gained them some distance. And a police escort.

“Oh just great!” Jensen cursed as the cruisers pulled in behind Sheppard’s car, sirens blaring.

”Done! Chris’s voice was triumphant.

“Jensen!” Jared’s shout shifted Jensen’s attention. He looked out of the windshield.

“Oh you have GOT to be kidding!”

They were rapidly approaching an active railroad crossing. Its lights flashing, bells ringing, the arms were slowly dropping to block oncoming traffic.

“Where’s the train!”

“What?” For a minute Jensen couldn’t comprehend what Jared was asking.

“WHERE’S the train?”

Shit! Jared was going to run the crossing. Jensen’s heart stuck in his throat as he heard the train whistle.

“Almost here! Jared, we’re not gonna make it!”

“Watch me!” Jared increased their speed, the bus growling as it picked up momentum on the slight incline.

Suddenly they were flying, the wooden crossing arms splintering as the bus slipped past the front of the train. All four wheels left the ground as they sailed through the air, coming to a bounce on the other side. Jensen felt the vehicle shudder as the train passed them with a whoosh.

“Woohoo!!” Jared shouted, easing up on the gas. “We made it!”

Jensen stared at him. “You are fucking crazy, do you know that?”

“We made it, though,” Jared repeated. “And Sheppard’s stuck behind the train. With the cops.” His voice was so gleeful that Jensen couldn’t help laughing.

“That was some pretty good driving there, by the way.” Jensen was very impressed, he had to admit. “Just don’t do it again, okay?”

Jared laughed. “Trust me, now that it’s over, I’m about ready to fall apart. All I want to do is find a quiet bar and have a few beers until the shaking stops.”

“God that sounds fantastic. Let’s do that.” Jensen clicked the communication button on the timepiece. “Let me update Chris.”

He quickly gave Chris the rundown and told him that they were stopping soon for the night. Signing off, he closed his eyes for a moment to mentally catch his breath.

One more day and all this would be over and he would be home. Somehow that thought didn’t bring a smile to his face. He turned and stared out into the dark as a slow rain left droplets on the window.


They found a motel on the outskirts of town that had a vacancy sign and a bar across the parking lot that was offering beer buckets for five dollars.

After Jared checked them in and pulled the bus around the building to hide it, he met Jensen at their room.

“I’m gonna take a quick shower then I’m gonna be ready for that beer.” Jared watched Jensen grab some clothes from his duffle bag and head to the bathroom.

As soon as the door closed, Jared unzipped his duffle and searched for the bag he’d gotten from Wal-Mart. He opened the nightstand, pulled the condoms and lube out of the bag and shoved them in the drawer.

Jensen’s comment from that morning had stayed with him. Jared knew it was an off-the-cuff remark, but the look on Jensen’s face after he had said it made Jared think that Jensen didn’t plan on saying what he did.

Which made it even hotter than if it had been intentional. It meant that Jared was on Jensen’s mind, and not just because he was helping Jensen get to Roswell.

Jared looked at the bathroom door and made a decision. If the opportunity presented itself, he was going to kiss Jensen and go from there. He was tired of wondering. The worst that could happen is that Jensen would turn him down. The best?

Jared had a feeling that the best would surpass even his imagination.

Determined, but still nervous, Jared took a fresh pair of jeans and a blue Henley out of his duffle. If he was going to do this, he was going to look as good as he could. Squaring his shoulders, he waited for his turn in the bathroom.

Jensen stepped out and took his breath away.

A green button down shirt the exact shade that matched his eyes fit snugly across his chest. Black jeans encased his legs. Jensen had also done something to his hair to make it spiky.

“Wow.” Jared didn’t realize he’d spoken until Jensen ducked his head and blushed.

“Is this okay?” Jensen sounded embarrassed.

“Uh…yeah,” Jared stuttered. “You look great.” Jensen looked better than great, he thought. “Uh...I’m going to get my shower. Should be ready in fifteen.”

Jared made a strategic retreat to the bathroom before he did something he would regret. At this point, he wasn’t sure he would be able to make it through an evening at the bar with Jensen looking as gorgeous as he did. He leaned his head back against the door and sighed before reaching to turn on the water.


A beer was a beer no matter what world you were in, Jensen thought as he stood at the bar waiting to get their refills. They’d been at the bar for a while and it was nice to wind down. Jared had told him they were a couple of hours away from Roswell and Chris had confirmed that they actually had enough time to get a decent night’s sleep.

Turning around, he watched as the two coeds that had come in earlier were trying desperately to get Jared’s attention. He had to chuckle because Jared was completely oblivious to their hair flipping and lip glossing.

Jensen studied him. Jared was enjoying himself and looked relaxed. The blue Henley fit tight across his chest and for a moment Jensen imagined hat it would be like to strip it off him and run his hands over Jared’s naked skin.
His mouth watered at the thought.

Jared was tapping his fingers in time to the live band playing in the corner. He caught Jensen’s gaze and tilted his head slightly towards the girls at the next table. Grinning, he rolled his eyes in their direction.

Okay, so maybe he wasn’t oblivious to their attentions – just amused by them.

The bartender handed Jensen the beers and his change and he headed back to their table. Handing a bottle to Jared, Jensen sat down and took a drink. The beer slid cold down his throat and he realized that he really needed this break. He had a feeling that things were going to get crazy and soon.

“ Hey look!” Jared was holding up a metal can he’d snagged from the empty table next to him. The shiny blue label read ‘Castiel Energy.’ “Check this out.”

“It’s a can, Jared.”

“It’s not just any can, though. It’s one of Misha’s energy drinks!” He handed it to Jensen. “See – Collins Distributing Company. I didn’t know he’d expanded out this far. That’s cool. I’ll have to tell him.”

His grin was so large that Jensen couldn’t help but return it. He leaned in to speak to Jared when a server whose name badge read ‘Sera’ brought two more beers to their table.

“Excuse me, but we didn’t order these.”

“Nope,” she said, setting them down in front of them. “Chandra and Elise sent them.” Sera motioned to the two girls that had been eyeing Jared and leaned in. “If I were you I’d run,” she whispered conspiratorially. “Not sure they’ve had their shots, know what I mean?”

“That bad?” Jensen grinned at her.

“You don’t know the half of it. The two of you are fresh meat and right up their alley. They’ll do everything in their power to try and get you to go home with them.”

“We’re not looking to hook up.” Jared leaned back in his seat and stretched. “We’re just here to kick back and have a few beers.”

“Yeah, good luck with that.” Sera glanced over her shoulder and Jensen could see that the two women were getting up and heading over to them. “Here they come. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” She picked up their empties and walked back to the bar.

“Hi guys.” The taller of the two, a redhead, slithered up to Jared and leaned in, exposing her cleavage. “I’m Chandra and that’s Elise.” She motioned to the blonde. “We thought we’d come over and say hi.” Chandra plopped onto Jared’s lap, snagged the beer from his hand and took a drink.

The look of utter disbelief Jared gave her almost made Jensen spit out his beer.

“Uh…hi?” Jared looked very uncomfortable.

“You boys passing through or staying a while?” Elise sat next to Jensen and put her hand on his arm.

It was all Jensen could do not to look around for cameras because there was no way these girls were for real.

“Just passing through.” He grinned at the panicked expression on Jared’s face as he watched the other man try to disentangle himself from the very touchy-feely redhead. He glanced over at the bar and saw Sera give him a sympathetic grimace. “In fact, we were just heading out…”

“What the hell are you doing with my girlfriend?” This came from a guy who was as wide across as he was tall. He was flanked by two of his friends, all of whom were obviously very drunk.

Great. The local yahoo and his posse. Just what they needed. Jensen smiled what he hoped was a non-threatening smile. “Nothing. We were just getting ready to leave.” He stood and motioned to Jared to get up.

Jared gestured to the girl on his lap and gave him a look that said You gonna help me here?

“Billy, shut your mouth.” The blonde spoke up. “Chandra broke up with you yesterday, you moron.”

Chandra giggled and wrapped her arms around Jared’s neck. “Yeah, and we’re gonna spend some time with these boys.” She leaned in kissed him.

“Mmph,” was all Jared was able to get out before Billy grabbed the redhead and pulled her off his lap.

“No way in hell you’re gonna get away with kissing my girl!” He swung, dealing a glancing blow to the side of Jared’s face. Jared’s head snapped back.

Shit! Jensen shoved past the chairs and headed for Billy. One of Billy’s friends tried to grab Jensen’s arm but he whipped around and planted a left hook that sent the guy over the table.

Billy’s other friend was able to get a hold of Jensen and slammed his fist into Jensen’s jaw, dazing him.

He could hear Chandra screaming and the shouts of the bartenders. Billy’s friend got in another lucky hit that had Jensen gasping for air, certain that he bruised a rib.

Blearily he saw Jared punch Billy, sending him to the floor unconscious.

The bartenders managed to separate Jensen and his opponent.

“I’m gonna kill you!” The guy lunged at Jensen, but was restrained by two of the bouncers.

“No you’re not, Lonnie,” one of them said. “You’re gonna sit right here while I call your wife.”

Jensen leaned over, hands on his knees trying to catch his breath. His side felt like it was on fire and he ran his tongue over his lip to confirm that it was indeed split.

“You okay?” Jared was next to him, his eyes worried.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” He stood up, wincing at the pain. Sera hurried over to them.

“You guys better jet. Someone called the cops. They wouldn’t charge you ‘cause this happens pretty regularly.” She nodded to Billy and his friends. “But I figure you guys don’t want to be here all night.”

“Thanks.” Jared pulled out his wallet. ‘How much do we owe you?”

“Nothing.” She grinned. “Payment was watching these guys get the shit beat out of them.” She patted Jared on the arm. “Made my night. You guys stay safe.”

Jensen heard sirens in the distance. “We should take her advice.” He started walking gingerly to the door. “Hope I can make it back to the room.”

Jensen felt Jared slip an arm around him to help him walk. “C’mon slugger, let’s get you back and see what the damage is.”

They walked across the parking lot, Jared’s body warm against Jensen’s. It almost took his mind off the pain. Almost.

Jared unlocked their door and Jensen eased into the room. He slowly lowered himself onto the bed and looked up at Jared ruefully. “Well, so much for a quiet evening.”

Jared chuckled. “Yeah, I just can’t take you anywhere.”

Jensen’s laugh morphed into a hiss when he felt the pull on his lip. “Fuck that hurts. Is it bleeding?”

Jared bent down to look. “A bit. Hang on.” He went into the bathroom and Jensen heard the water run. Moments later he came out with a wet washcloth. “Here. Put this on your lip. I’m gonna go and get you some ice.”

“I’ll be fine.” Jensen took the washcloth and dabbed it on his lip. “I don’t need ice.”

“I saw the hit you took. Your ribs are gonna be bruised at least.” Jared grabbed the ice bucket. “Misha has a first aid kit in the bus. Stay put.”

Jensen watched him head out the door before he gingerly got up and surveyed himself in the mirror attached to the wall.

His lip was split and puffy and still bleeding a bit. Jensen tried to hike up the bottom of his shirt to take stock of his other injuries, but it hurt too much. He could feel the bruising beginning to start around his chest and ribcage. That was not going to be fun in the morning.

Sighing, he sat back down on the bed to wait for Jared. He hoped that the first aid kit had some strong painkillers because he was definitely going to need them.


The trip to the bus was quick. Jared blessed Misha’s OCD – the first aid kit was top of the line. He grabbed a bottle of water from the back, stuck it in his pocket and stopped by the ice machine to fill up the bucket. He was worried about Jensen’s injuries. One of the goons had gotten a few good hits in and Jared hoped nothing was broken. Juggling the bucket and the first aid kit, he managed to get the door open without dropping anything.

Jensen was sitting on the bed trying to untie his boots.

“Stop.” Jared put the supplies on the table and bent down to help Jensen. “You need to let me do that.” He loosened the laces and slipped the boots off Jensen’s feet.

“I was in a fight,” Jensen grumbled. “I’m not an invalid.”

“Yeah, but until I check you out, you can let me handle things.” Jared blushed as he realized what he’d said. Jensen just quirked an eyebrow at him. Jared covered his embarrassment by opening the bottle of water and handing it to Jensen. He dug through the first aid kit for painkillers and found the maximum strength Tylenol. “Here, take these.”

Jensen put the pills in his mouth and washed them down with the water. Jared watched as his throat worked and he wanted to lean in and lick the hollow at the base of his neck.

“Uh, okay, let’s take a look at your injuries. Take off your shirt.” Jared busied himself with the ice, putting it in ziplock bags that Misha had in the bottom of the first aid kit. When he turned back to Jensen, his shirt was unbuttoned but he was still wearing it.

“I kind of need help,” Jensen admitted. “Can’t really stretch to take it off.”

“Oh.” Jared wanted to kick himself. Of course. He should have thought of that. “Sorry. Let me help.”

Gently he worked Jensen’s shirt off his shoulders. That left his t-shirt. “I’m gonna leave your t-shirt on so the ice doesn’t burn but I need to see where he hit you.”

Jared untucked the t-shirt from Jensen’s jeans and pulled it up, exposing the blossoming bruises on his body.

“Oh man, he did a number on you.” Jared grimaced at the red and purple marks.

“Yeah, hurts like a bitch. Let me see how bad it is.” Jensen stood up and made his way back to the mirror. “Can you hold up my shirt again?”

Jared stood behind him and lifted the bottom so Jensen could see the damage. He could see the pain flare in Jensen’s face as he twisted to see himself in the mirror.

“Crap. This is going to suck tomorrow.” Jared watched Jensen take a deep breath. “Don’t think anything’s broken though, just bruised. But I probably should take it easy. No strenuous exercise tonight. Don’t want to risk my health.”

Jared caught Jensen’s expression in the mirror. There was a question in his green eyes, asking Jared if it was worth taking that risk.

Jared flushed again, dropping his gaze to Jensen’s mouth. There was a bit of blood at the side of Jensen’s lips from the uppercut.

“You’ve still got some blood…” Automatically, Jared licked his thumb and leaned around Jensen to wipe the spot.

Jensen hissed at the pressure and flinched. “Hurts.”


“It’s okay.”

Jared started to pull his hand away, but Jensen circled his wrist. He felt Jensen run his fingers over Jared’s knuckles. “Wait, you’re hurt too.”

“It’s nothing. I just grazed it when I hit that guy.” He tried to take his hand away but Jensen didn’t let go. He kept stroking his fingers over Jared’s bruised knuckles, sending sparks of want zinging through his body.

Jared watched him in the mirror, his pulse speeding up. In the soft glow of the lamps, Jensen’s skin looked like alabaster sprinkled with cinnamon. His eyes bore into Jared’s as he leaned back into Jared’s chest.

Jared heard him whisper. “When I was a kid, whenever I got hurt, my momma would always kiss it and make it better,” as he brought their hands up to his mouth.

The feel of Jensen’s lips against his skin almost sent Jared to the floor. He moaned as Jensen’s tongue flicked between his fingers like he was tasting him.

“Jen…” Jared wrapped his arm around Jensen, pulling him closer against his chest. Everywhere they touched was burning hot.

“Mmm?” Jensen was merciless, capturing Jared’s thumb in his mouth with a single mindedness that drove spirals of need to Jared’s rapidly hardening cock.

“Oh God.” Jared couldn’t stand it anymore. He flipped Jensen around and crushed their mouths together. Wrapping his hands around Jensen’s face, he nibbled his lips, coaxing him open with his tongue. “Want you,” he muttered, trailing his kisses across Jensen’s jaw until he reached his ear. “Want to be inside you so bad.”

“Fuck, Jared.” Jared felt Jensen back him up towards the bed, pulling at his Henley as he did. “Been wanting you since the warehouse.” Jensen dragged the shirt over Jared’s head, cool air hitting his naked chest.

The backs of Jared’s knees hit the bed and he sat suddenly, eyes on Jensen. “You’re beautiful,” he heard the other man breathe before Jensen’s mouth slanted on his. He felt Jensen pull away and watched as he tried to take off his t-shirt.

“Wait. You’re hurt. Maybe we shouldn’t…” Jared trailed off at Jensen’s glare.

“The only way I wouldn’t do this is if I were dead. Now help me off with my damn t-shirt!” Jared couldn’t help but laugh at Jensen’s growl of frustration. “What?”

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re incredibly sexy when you’re pissy?” He grinned as he stood and helped Jensen take off his shirt. “Oh, Jensen…” Jared winced at the bruises covering Jensen’s body. He lightly touched one. “Are you sure?” He looked at Jensen.

“As sure as I’ve ever been about anything in my life.” Jensen’s voice was quiet, his expression open and wanting.

Jared sat back down on the bed and guided Jensen between his legs. “Okay. I promise I’ll be careful.” He brought Jensen’s head down and kissed him gently, grazing his tongue with his teeth before pulling away.

He ran his fingers across Jensen’s chest, tweaking a nipple before bringing Jensen closer to his mouth for a taste. A slight bite and he had Jensen moaning at the tautness. Jared swirled his tongue around the nub and suckled at it, his hand sliding around Jensen’s hips to cup his ass. He knew he was doing something right when he felt Jensen grab his shoulders for balance.

Jared widened his legs to bring Jensen closer in. He arched, rubbing his cock against Jensen’s thighs, wanting Jensen to feel how hard he was.

“Damn.” Jensen’s gasp when he felt Jared press against him had Jared chuckling. “Fuck, Jared. Get on the bed.”

He pulled away and looked up at Jensen. “I’m not done here,” he said teasingly.

“Yes, you are.” Jensen’s voice was dark. “Get. On. The. Bed.”

Fuck! Jared almost came right then. And they hadn’t done anything yet. He scrambled backwards, kicking his shoes off as he went.

Jensen was on him without warning, straddling his hips, grinding down on his erection, fucking his mouth with his tongue. Jared moaned, writhing under him as Jensen whimpered words between kisses.

“Just my type - long, lean, gorgeous. Bet your cock is too.” Jensen’s hands unbuttoned Jared’s jeans and he heard the sound of his zipper being pulled down. “Wanna feel it, taste it, taste you…feel you fuck me. God, Jared, wanna feel you fuck me.”

“Oh God.” Jared raised his hips at Jensen’s urging, his jeans and boxers yanked off and tossed to land somewhere in the room.

A faint breeze caress his skin as he lay naked and exposed to Jensen’s gaze. He knew he was blushing – he wasn’t used to being stared at like Jensen was staring at him. Like he was sacred.

“Jared.” His name was said with what he could only think as reverence. Jensen began caressing his body, starting with butterfly touches on his shoulders, working his way slowly to his nipples, down his sides, across his hips.

Jared was delirious with arousal. No one had ever just touched him like this before. And it was Jensen. Jensen was touching him like this.

Jared whined when Jensen paused, fingers hovering oh so close to his cock. “Damn it, Jensen, don’t stop. Please, don’t stop.”
“I was right.” A caress on the head of his dick had Jared bucking up, his eyes locked with Jensen’s. “So beautiful. Long and lean. Just for me.”

Jensen’s hand was burning as he caressed the head of Jared’s cock again, moving down his shaft, jacking him slowly. Jared moaned as Jensen drew feather light touches across his balls, back up to the head, slicking him slightly with small beads of precome that started to seep from his slit.
Jared mewled, thrusting his dick into Jensen’s hand. “Please…I want…”

“What do you want, Jared?” Jensen’s voice husky in his ear.

“I want to feel your mouth on me.” Jared heard the pleading in his tone but he didn’t care. He just wanted to feel Jensen’s mouth on his cock.

“I can do that.” Jensen began a trail of kisses back down Jared’s body. Reaching Jared’s cock, he licked a long stripe up the shaft before taking the head in his mouth.

“Jesus!” Jared banged his head against the bed, his hands fisting the sheets as he was engulfed in hot and wet. He hissed as Jensen grazed him with his teeth, his sounds turning to whimpers when Jensen swirled his tongue across his slit.

Jared felt Jensen’s hand slide to the base of his cock and start pumping as Jensen slowly caressed Jared’s shaft with his mouth. Each movement inched Jared deeper into Jensen’s throat until he was completely full of him.

Then Jensen swallowed.

Jared arched up off the bed with a scream. “FUCK!” His whole body vibrated as Jensen slammed an arm down on his hips, pinning him to the bed. He had no idea how long it was while Jensen took him apart, sucking slowly up and down his cock, stroking his balls, playing with his ass.

He begged and pleaded to come, but Jensen wouldn’t let him, taking Jared right to the edge and bringing him back time after time.

Just when Jared thought he was going to die, Jensen stopped and crawled up his wrecked body.

“Want you to fuck me now, Jay.” This whispered in Jared’s ear. Jensen lay back on the bed, hand at the button of his jeans that Jared had forgotten he still wore. Jared watched, mesmerized, as Jensen unbuttoned, then unzipped and shimmied out of his clothes. “Your turn.”

Jared licked his lips as he took in the sight of Jensen spread out in front of him. His freckled skin, all hard angles and edges, begged for Jared to suck marks onto it. His marks.

Jared leaned over Jensen to kiss him, being mindful of his injuries. “My turn,” he echoed back to Jensen, mapping his way down the other man’s body.

Kisses that made Jensen moan, nibbles and bites that made him whine in need. Jared took his time with Jensen, exploring every part of his form. Placing his marks on Jensen where he could. His shoulder, his hips, his thighs. Making Jensen spiral up with desire.

When he got to Jensen’s cock, Jared lowered his head and slid the tip in his mouth. Flicking his tongue across the slit, he hollowed his cheeks and sucked. Jensen keened as he writhed under Jared’s grip.

Jared stroked his hand slowly down Jensen’s length, his mouth following. He could feel Jensen’s body shaking. He pulled back up and ran his tongue on the underside of the head, feeling Jensen shudder.

“God, Jared. So good.” Jensen moaned. Jared chuckled, the vibrations making Jensen’s cock swell even more. Pulling off with a gasp, Jared wrapped his hand around Jensen’s shaft and began pumping him, adding a twist to keep Jensen off balance.

Jensen grabbed Jared’s hand, stopping him. “Need you.” His voice hoarse, Jensen pulled Jared up to kiss him. Jared tasted both of them in their mouths. It made his head spin. "Gonna come and I need you inside me. Please…”

“Need supplies.” Jared reached over to the nightstand drawer and grabbed the bottle of lube and a condom. When he pulled back, he saw Jensen looking at him in shock.

“When’d you buy condoms?”

“Uh, when we were at Wal-Mart.” Jared blushed when Jensen laughed. “Hey, I was hoping, okay?” and rose above Jensen, straddling his hips. Rubbing their cocks together, he leaned down and sucked a spot on Jensen’s neck that had Jensen catching his breath.

“Gonna get you ready for me now. You want that? Want my fingers inside you, stretching you to take my cock?” Jensen’s whimper and frantic nod was all the answer he needed.

Sliding down, he positioned himself between Jensen’ thighs. Popping the lid, he squirted the lube onto his fingers, rubbing them together to warm it up. He circled Jensen’s hole, teasing and tapping before slowly pressing one finger inside.

Jensen was molten fire, his muscles grabbing at Jared’s finger and sucking it in deeper. Jensen’s gasp of pleasure/pain sent jolts of want directly to Jared’s cock.

“Easy. Been a while,” Jensen hissed.

“God you feel so good around my finger, Jen.” Jared slowly stroked in and out, twisting his finger to find Jensen’s prostate.

““Damn it. Right there.” Jensen gasped, his hips rising up off the bed as Jared hit his prostate. “Need more.”

Adding more slick, Jared slid another finger inside Jensen, scissoring them, stretching him. He licked his other hand and wrapped it around Jensen’s cock, stroking steadily. Jensen whined at the touch.

“God, Jared, can’t wait anymore. Need you.”

“Not done with you yet. Still need to get you ready for me.” He added a third finger and pushed back in.

“Toppy bastard.” Jared flicked his fingers, causing Jensen to squirm and whimper, “Oh God, do that again.”

“You like that, huh?” Jared pressed a kiss into Jensen’s thigh.

“Yeah. God, yeah.”

Jared stretched and played with Jensen until he was writhing on his fingers begging to be fucked. He felt for the condom packet and, finding it, ripped the packet open with his teeth.

Jared slid the condom down his length. Jensen cursed him when he pulled out his fingers but Jared just smirked. “I’ve got something better for you.” Adding more slickness, he teased Jensen with the head of his dick. “What you’ve been begging for,” as he pushed in. Jensen sucked in a breath as Jared opened him up. Jared paused, a look of concern on his face.

“You okay?”

“Just….wait. Fuck, Jared. Hurts so good…gotta go slow.”

Jared felt Jensen rock his hips, pulling him inside, inch by inch, working him until he was completely seated. “Fuck…” he breathed. “You feel amazing.”

Jensen pulled him down and plunged his tongue into Jared’s mouth as they began rocking forward and back again. Finding their rhythm, Jared thrust into Jensen’s tight heat, his cock being squeezed by Jensen’s muscles.

He pulled out until just the head of his dick was still inside, then slammed in, hitting Jensen’s prostate and making him scream.

“Wanna fuck you till you can't walk,” Jared chanted as he thrust in over and over. “Want you to come so hard you can taste it.” Flipping Jensen’s legs over his shoulders he began shoving in faster, snapping his hips. “Want you to scream my name.”

“Fuck, Jared…feel so fucking good…” Jensen sobbed out the words. “Gotta come…oh fuck!”

Jensen’s body arched as he came, muscles slamming down, trapping Jared’s cock, semen covering their chests, their thighs, their stomachs. Moments later Jared fell too, curled in Jensen’s embrace as he shattered into a million pieces.

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