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The Dream Becomes the Man - Part Five


Title: The Dream Becomes the Man - Part Five of Six
Notes: See Master Post

“Thank you, Peter.”

They were making up the bed in the Burke’s guestroom. Neal watched as Peter put pillows in pillowcases with quick, precise movements.

“For what?”

“For not going off the deep end when Elizabeth told you I kissed her.”

Peter chuckled. “Oh, I went off the deep end, Neal. But we talked and worked it out.” He tossed Neal a pillow.

“Most men wouldn’t have.” Neal put the pillow at the head of the bed, then unfolded the top sheet.

‘Most men are not married to Elizabeth Mitchell Burke.” Peter’s voice was proud. “She really does like you, Neal.”

There was a pause as the men tucked the corners of the top sheet underneath the mattress, then put the comforter on.

“I like her too, Peter.” Neal knew his voice was quiet, but anything louder felt wrong. He was telling Peter that he liked his wife. And not in the “let’s go out for drinks and dinner” kind of way.

“Why?” Peter’s question threw Neal.

“Why what?”

“Why do you like her?” Peter’s gaze was open and quizzical.

“Well, she’s beautiful, funny, sexy, anyone can see that.”

“That’s not what I’m asking, Neal. Why do you like her?”

Neal knew he was taking a chance, but he was tired of running, of being alone.

“Because she’s not afraid to touch me.” It came out so low he wasn’t sure that Peter had heard it.

Suddenly Neal was engulfed in a wave of exhaustion. He sat down on the edge of the bed and closed his eyes. The mattress dipped as Peter sat down next to him. He felt an arm wrap around his shoulders.

“Must be tough, having a Talent like you have.” A simple statement. A world of understanding. It was like the dam burst.

“You have no idea!” Neal slumped against Peter, soaking up his warmth, his scent. He couldn’t remember the last time someone had put their arm around him just because. “When people find out what I can do they run the other way. They think I can take their Talents permanently…” He trailed off, his throat tight.

Peter’s hand began rubbing gentle circles in between Neal’s shoulder blades. The tension in Neal’s back began to slowly seep away.

“‘To be able to feel the lightest touch really is a gift.’”

“Henry Ward Beecher?”

“Nope. Christopher Reeve.”

Neal had to laugh. “You’re quoting Superman?”

“Yep.” Peter laughed with him.

“Oh, Mozzie would love you. Once you could convince him that you really aren’t recording his conversations so you can track him by the modulation of his voice, that is.”

“Conspiracy theorist?”

“Professional grade.” Peter dug a knuckle into Neal’s shoulder blade. “Right there. That feels really good.”

“Elizabeth says I have magic hands.” Neal could feel the humor in Peter’s words. “I think she says that so I’ll do the dinner dishes.”

Neal chuckled. “You’re good together.”

“Yeah, well. We work at it.”

“You don’t want to add a Third.” Neal was leading, he knew, but he wanted to hear it directly from Peter.

“What makes you say that?”

“News bites. Your support of the Referendum.”

He heard Peter sigh and felt his hands still.

“I don’t want to be forced into a relationship just because the government says I have to. It’s as simple as that. However, that doesn’t mean that if the right person came along that it wouldn’t work for us.”

Peter sounded like he wanted to say something else, but sighed again instead. “Let me get you something to sleep in. Sweats and a t-shirt okay?” When Peter moved away from him, Neal felt like he’d lost something vital.

He watched Peter leave the room and wondered what it would take for him to be their “right person.”


Elizabeth began gathering up the cups and bottles as Neal followed Peter up the stairs. Her mind was in a whirl. Neal Caffrey was upstairs with her husband. Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke. Neal and Peter.

She didn’t know what had possessed her to tell Neal he was staying. She just knew that he needed to be here with them.

Turning off the lights, she quietly headed up to the second floor to check on the men. Her men. She paused in the hallway as she heard them talking, reluctant to interrupt their conversation.

“Why do you like her?”

“Well, she’s beautiful, funny, sexy, anyone can see that.”

“That’s not what I’m asking, Neal. Why do YOU like her.”

“Because she’s not afraid to touch me.”

Her hand flew up to her mouth as she covered the small sob. Neal’s voice was low, raw, anguished. She couldn’t imagine what sort of life would make someone sound that heartbroken. A tear trailed its way down her cheek.

Moments later, she felt Peter wrap her in a hug. “Hon, what’s wrong?”

She just waved in the direction of the guestroom, not trusting herself to speak quite yet.

He looked back towards the doorway and murmured softly, “Yeah, I know.”

Elizabeth hugged him then stepped away, wiping her cheek. She cupped his face in her hands and brought him down for a kiss. She felt his arms close around her and pull her close to him again. Taking strength from him, she ended the kiss with a sigh. Looking into his beautiful brown eyes, she stepped off the cliff.

“Peter Burke, I love you more than life itself, you know that. There’s something happening here between us and Neal. I know you feel it too.”

He glanced back at the room, then met her eyes again. “Yeah.”

“Then trust me, okay?” She saw uncertainty, fear, longing and then love cross his face. He nodded.

Elizabeth took his hand and led them back into the guestroom. Neal was still sitting on the bed, staring at his hands. He looked up when they entered and gave her a weary smile.

“Thanks again for letting me stay, Elizabeth.”

“You’re welcome.” She squeezed Peter’s hand then let go. Taking a mental breath to center herself, she walked over to Neal and stepped in between his knees.

“I want to kiss you.” His mouth parted in a gasp and she saw the confusion and wariness on his face. He unconsciously licked his lips as he gazed at her mouth.

“Elizabeth…” His voice came out as a whisper as he half turned to Peter.

She didn’t stop looking at Neal. “Tell him it’s okay, Peter.” She knew the exact moment when Peter nodded. Neal’s eyes widened, then locked back on hers. He licked his lips again.

“Can I kiss you, Neal?” She leaned in to him until their mouths were almost touching. “Please?”

“Oh God…yes…Elizabeth…” She heard him moan as he closed the distance between them and crushed her lips with his. He devoured her mouth like a starving man, biting and nibbling and licking. Elizabeth felt his hands cradle her head, his fingers wrapping themselves in her hair, pulling her in to straddle his leg.

She let herself sink into Neal’s kisses, losing track of time as she tasted him – coffee and desperation and need. He bit her lip, then sucked the sting away. Closing her eyes, she rode the waves of electricity thrumming through her as she began to rub against his thigh, feeling the dampness slicking her.

“Neal...,” Elizabeth breathed into his lips. He responded with a low growl, trailing kisses along her jaw until he found the sensitive point on her neck where he had kissed her before. He grazed his teeth along the spot, making her moan. “Yah…right there…”

Neal’s hands left her hair and began a slow journey, caressing her shoulders, her back, her waist. Thumbs rubbing her arms, fingers tracing her face, every touch leaving points of fire on her skin.

She whimpered, throwing her head back to give Neal better access as he licked the hollow of her throat, his hands skating up the sides of her body.

She felt him pause and smile against her skin. “I think someone is enjoying this as much as we are.”

Elizabeth opened her eyes to see Neal gazing at her, his eyes hooded with desire. He nodded slightly and she turned her head to see Peter still standing in the doorway.

Peter’s eyes were a mirror of Neal’s, glittering darkly as he watched them. He licked his lips, his hand pressing against the crotch of his sleep pants.

“God, El,” he ground out hoarsely. “The two of you…”

Neal spoke. “Come here, Peter.” Elizabeth felt the solid heat as he came up behind her.

“Help me.” Neal grasped the bottom of her sleep shirt, Peter lifting her arms to make it easier. Pulling it off, they bared her between them. Peter leaned in and tilted her head. He brought his face down so he could kiss her.

Where Neal was exploration and newness, Peter was familiarity and sensuality. He slowly unraveled her as he took his time, running his tongue against her lips, nibbling and sucking.

She hooked her arms around Peter’s neck to bring him closer. “Touch me,” she whispered and heard him chuckle against her mouth.

She expected Peter’s hand to caress her. Instead, he broke away and pulled her back against him. She could feel his cock pushing against his pants, against her skin. She wanted to turn around and take him in her mouth, but Peter held her tight.

“Watch him.” Elizabeth looked on in a daze as Peter took his hand and nestled it against Neal’s face. Slowly he rubbed his thumb against Neal’s bottom lip, coaxing him to open to his touch.

Elizabeth whimpered as Neal sucked Peter’s thumb into his mouth. The sight of it sent arousal clenching throughout her body. She could hear Neal moaning quietly. “That’s right, Neal, make it nice and wet. Want to show you what gets her hot.”

She followed Peter’s fingers as he withdrew his thumb from Neal’s mouth. Peter’s voice was mesmerizing as he told Neal what turned her on.

‘El, loves this.” Peter circled her nipple then pulled. “Don’t be afraid to tug.” He pinched, making her squirm with the sensations coursing through her.

Neal inhaled sharply, his eyes on Peter’s movements. Elizabeth could feel him unconsciously rocking his hips, his cock hard against her leg. He brought his hand to Peter’s face and slid his finger and thumb between Peter’s lips.

“Fuck, Peter.” Neal bucked up against her and she watched him lose himself in the wet heat of Peter’s mouth. Moments later, he pulled his fingers out and circled her other breast, tweaking the nipple into a hard point.

She mewled as Neal gently tortured her, tugging and pulling.

“You like that, huh?” Peter’s voice soft in her ear. “Neal touching you?” Elizabeth cried out as Peter pinched harder. “Maybe he should use his mouth. Do you want that, El?”

“Yah…uh huh.” Elizabeth was so wrapped up in the sensations of both men’s hands on her breasts that she couldn’t form a coherent sentence.

“Can’t hear you, hon. What was that?” Elizabeth squealed in frustration. Peter chuckled darkly. “You need to tell Neal what you want.”

“God…Neal…want your mouth on me, please.” Elizabeth heard the pleading in her tone but she didn’t care. She just wanted to feel Neal’s lips against her flesh.

“Well, I never like to disappoint a lady.” Neal’s voice was rough.

“She likes a little pain with her pleasure so you can use your teeth.” In her haze of want, Elizabeth could tell that Peter was enjoying himself.

“Ah – naughty girl.” Neal’s smile was wicked. He moved in deliberately, running his fingers over her breast again, intentionally avoiding her nipple for a brief moment. He bent his head to capture the tip, flicking his tongue as it hardened. “Mmmmm, tastes good.” Elizabeth felt the edge of his teeth before he licked across the top with his tongue. The friction and the pain made her squirm.

Elizabeth tried to arch into Neal’s touch, but Peter held her down. “Nuh uh, hon. No moving. Just enjoy it.”

“Damn you, Peter.” She gasped as the two men chuckled, then squealed as Neal bit down. “God, feels so good.”

Elizabeth reveled in the sensations, but she needed more. She needed them closer, needed them naked. Twining her hands through Neal’s hair she pulled him up to her mouth.

Slanting her lips over his, she thoroughly kissed him until they were both breathless. “Clothes off, now,” she gasped.

“You heard the lady, Caffrey. Strip.” Peter backed away to give them room.

In a swift move, Neal flipped Elizabeth over and pressed her down into the bed. He kissed her on her nose and stood up.

“Wait!” Elizabeth rose up on her elbows. “I want to see you kiss him first, Peter.”

“You do, do you?” He crossed his arms and leaned against the doorjamb.

“Don’t you dare tease me, Peter Burke. I may be horny but I will cut you off. I want to see if the two of you look as good for real as you did in my fantasy.”

Neal burst out laughing. “I think you need to listen to your wife, Peter. Especially since she’s been fantasizing about us.” He moved into Peter’s space. Tilting his head, he asked, “Can you see, Elizabeth?”


Neal ran his hand up Peter’s chest. “What do you say we give your wife what she wants?”

Peter answered with a growl as he grabbed Neal and crushed their lips together. He cupped his hands around Neal’s face and kissed him with an intensity that left Elizabeth breathless. They molded their bodies into a single sculpture, thighs, hips and chests fused.

“Wanted this…so much.” Neal’s voice was pleading as he broke away. Peter flipped them and slammed him against the wall, grinding their hips together. A picture fell, glass shattering, but neither one noticed. They were wrapped up in each other, tongues mating, devouring.

Neal’s head fell back against the wall as Peter kissed down his neck, biting and sucking and making him moan.

Elizabeth’s mouth watered as she watched them. Her entire body tingled. Lisa was right. Peter and Neal together was EXACTLY like her own personal porn movie. And they were just kissing with their clothes on.

She slid her hand into her sleep shorts and touched her clit. She was soaking wet and the pressure of her fingers sent electrical currents through her. Staring at them, she began to breathe heavily as she concentrated on the sensations in her pussy.

“Peter, I think Elizabeth is starting without us.” Neal was peering around Peter’s shoulder, his lips swollen from Peter’s assault.

“Oh no, El. You are not going to get off that way.” Peter quickly kissed Neal again and strode over to the edge of the bed.

Taking her hand, he pulled her up off the bed and slung her over his shoulder.

“Peter Burke, put me down!” Elizabeth pounded her fists futilely on his back.

“Nope. Going to the big bed where we have more room. C'mon Caffrey, let's go ravish my wife.”

“No argument there.”

Peter left the room carrying Elizabeth, Neal trailing them with a grin on his face. She glared at Neal through her hair. “Aren't you supposed to help me or something?”


“I hate you.” She stuck her tongue out at him.

“Remember that when I’m sucking on your clit.” He winked when she whimpered.

When they entered the master bedroom, Peter flipped Elizabeth onto the bed where she landed with a bounce. She regarded them both as she scooted up to the headboard. Peter in his sleep pants and faded Harvard T-shirt. Neal dressed in a forest green button down and black pants, looking amazingly put together considering he’d just been manhandled. Staring at her like she was dessert.

“Okay, gentlemen, you both have entirely too many clothes on.” She waved her hand in the air. “Make them go away.”

Neal started to unbutton his shirt when Peter stepped behind him. “Let me,” he whispered.

The atmosphere changed with those words.

Peter slowly pushed each button out of its hole, running his fingers under the fabric. Neal’s nostrils flared at his touch. Both men’s eyes were locked on her face – Peter’s dark and wanting, Neal’s raw and heated. Neal’s shirt fell to the ground, followed by his undershirt.

Elizabeth crawled to sit on the edge of the bed. She wanted to touch Neal’s skin, taste the body that she’d seen in her shower vision. She held a hand out and Neal leaned into her touch.

Running her hand across his chest, she tweaked a nipple and he hissed, “Do that again.” Coaxing it hard with her fingers, she moved in to lick it, then bit down like he had before. “Fuck!”

She laughed wickedly. “Turnabout is foreplay.” He gazed down at her, blue eyes hungry. Elizabeth soothed the bite with a swipe of her tongue. “Still too many clothes on. Help me, Peter.” Between the two of them they divested Neal of the rest of his clothes.

Neal stood nude in front of her. He was beautiful. Lines and planes and angles. A body to make the Masters weep. His eyes hooded, cock at half-mast. She ran a hand softly over his stomach and felt him tremble. Moving down, she gripped his cock, felt the weight.

Slowly she pumped him, his dick hardening. Neal moaned and shuddered, falling against Peter for support as he arched into her hand.

“So beautiful.” Peter’s voice was reverent. “Neal…” His arm wrapped around the younger man, giving him support.

“I want you to touch him, Peter.”

Peter’s other hand joined Elizabeth’s on Neal’s cock. She caressed the head as Peter gripped him, jacking him slowly. Feather light touches on his balls, back up to the head, slicking him slightly with small beads of precome that started to seep from his slit.

She could hear Peter’s whispers. Telling Neal how gorgeous he was, how hot it was to see Elizabeth caressing him, how incredible Neal felt in his hand. Neal’s eyes were closed and he was panting, focusing on Peter’s voice, on the feel of their touches.

“El…” Peter’s voice was low. “Want to see his cock in your mouth.” Neal moaned at his words.

“Do you want that, Neal? Do you want to put your cock in my mouth?” Elizabeth breathed on the tip and watched it jump. “Do you want me to take my lips, press them against you? Slowly slide my tongue around your head? Take all of you in until you hit the back of my throat?”

“Fuck, Elizabeth.” Neal thrust against her lips, his dick instinctively seeking entrance. “Please…need your mouth…”

Neal keened when Elizabeth wrapped her lips around his dick, tongue licking the bundle of nerves under his cockhead. She grazed him with her teeth, reveling in his hiss. Elizabeth loved his taste, different from Peter, but familiar. She swirled her tongue across his slit, trying to capture more of him.

She took Peter’s hand and slid it to the base of Neal’s cock, giving her the position she needed to slowly caress Neal’s shaft with her mouth. Each movement inching Neal deeper into her throat until she was completely full of him.

“Elizabeth…” She looked up at Neal through her lashes. He was staring at her, eyes wild, body trembling. “God…”

“She loves it when you fuck her mouth, Neal.” Peter guided Neal’s hands to Elizabeth’s head and the two of them wove their fingers in her hair. “Like this.”

Their movements started out slowly, Peter using his hips to push Neal forward, Elizabeth’s hand on Neal’s thigh pushing him gently away. Rocking back and forth, the wet sounds of sucking and Neal’s whimpers the only sounds in the room.

“Faster,” Peter whispered, holding Elizabeth’s head still, pulling slightly on her hair. She hummed at the tension.

“Fuck! Do that again!” Neal’s rhythm stuttered when she hummed again. “Feels so good.” He thrust in again, faster. “Have to…oh God…don’t want to hurt you…”

“Don’t worry, you won’t.” Peter crooned. “Just let go.”

Elizabeth looked up just in time to see Peter pinch Neal’s nipple. She hollowed her cheeks and pulled Neal towards her, feeling him hit the back of her throat. The combination of the pain and the pleasure sent him barreling toward the edge.

“God, Elizabeth…I can’t…gonna…” He lost control, shoving in so hard she was barely able to keep her balance. Hands twisted in her hair, he jerked, spilling into her mouth, salty spurts that she swallowed as quickly as she could.

Peter caught him as he collapsed and eased him onto the bed next to her.

“You okay?” She reached out and pushed a sweaty curl off his forehead. Neal took her hand and kissed her palm.

“Better than okay,” he said softly, moving closer so he could wrap himself around her. “God, Elizabeth…that was…”

“Magical?” Peter climbed on the bed next to them and stretched out next to Neal.

“Yeah.” Neal idly began stroking her back. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, sweetheart.” She leaned down to kiss him, knowing that he would taste himself on her lips.

Their kisses were softer this time, less urgent. Elizabeth was content to let Neal explore. He pressed kisses against her lips, her eyes, her forehead. Her desire, which had been sidestepped by Neal’s need, spiraled up at his touch.

Neal reached for her, pulling her over him so she was tucked against Peter.

“I want to see all of you.” He tugged off her sleep shorts and tossed them into the corner of the room. Turning back, he gazed at her, his eyes slowly perusing her body.

Elizabeth suddenly felt shy under his scrutiny and moved to cover herself. “Don’t.” Neal stopped her hand and brought it to his lips, caressing her wrist with the tip of his tongue. He stretched out so they were touching, hip to hip, legs tangled. “Do you even know how beautiful you are?”

“When I first saw you, the sunlight set your hair on fire.” He picked up a lock of her hair, separating the strands. “So many colors.” He chuckled quietly, looking at Peter. “I wanted to paint her. I needed to paint her.”

Turning back to Elizabeth, his fingers brushed her lips. “Then you smiled and I knew I would never be able to capture that. There was no way I could do you justice.” Neal’s hand cupped her cheek. “But I wanted you to think of me. That’s why I gave you the origami. Kind of selfish.”

“I’m glad you did, Neal.” Peter’s voice was smoky. “So glad.” He leaned over her and kissed Neal, nipping at his lip before he teased his mouth open with his tongue. Elizabeth was mesmerized watching the two of them.

“Peter?” Neal kissed the corner of Peter’s mouth. “Why are Elizabeth and I the only ones naked?”

“Because I am a very patient man.” Peter broke away and smiled at him. “And we haven’t ravished my wife yet.”

“I think I remember something being said about that.” Neal stretched, rubbing his body against hers. “Where do you think we should start?”

“How about here?” Peter kissed her, tasting like Neal. “Or here?” He nuzzled her neck.

“Or we could start here?” Neal captured one of her nipples in his mouth. “Mmmmm.” He swirled his tongue around the tip, enticing it to harden. “Yeah, start here.” He tilted his head giving Peter room.

The two of them worshipped her breasts, taking turns licking and sucking, wrapping their tongues around her nipples and each other, sending frissons of desire throughout her body. Peter stole Neal’s lips, then gave them back to her. Neal’s hand caressed Peter’s face, then her body. They knew she was watching and they put on a show for her.

She whimpered, couldn’t keep herself from squeezing her thighs tight – as if that pressure could make her come. Her hands moved down her body towards her pussy – she needed friction, pressure, anything, to end the ache.

“No.” Neal captured her wrists and pulled them up for Peter to take. “Touching yourself is not allowed. That’s my job.” His voice was dark.

Elizabeth mewled at the thought of Neal’s artist’s fingers dipping inside of her, stroking, his thumbs circling her clit, putting exquisite pressure right where she needed.

“God, then touch me!” she snapped, her lust getting the better of her.

“Ah, ah - pushy girls don’t get to come,” Peter had both her wrists encompassed in one hand as he tweaked her nipple. “I think you need to apologize.”

Neal chuckled. “Maybe she needs some incentive.” Painstakingly he moved down her body, nibbling and biting, swishing his tongue in her navel, caressing her hips, his fingers drawing patterns on her skin. Touching her everywhere except where she needed him to touch.

Elizabeth bit her lip as Neal slowly drove her mad. She wanted to grab him, to put him where she wanted him, to feel his mouth on her clit, but Peter held her captive. She looked pleadingly at her husband.

“Please, Peter…”

“Please what, hon?” Peter kissed the side of her neck, licking the place behind her ear.

“Please let me go.” Elizabeth squirmed, trying to encourage Neal to move lower. He did the exact opposite of what she wanted, moving back up to lap at her breasts with his tongue.

“Why should I do that, El?” Peter shifted, moving himself behind her. Holding her wrists, imprisoning her to Neal’s ministrations.

“Peter….” Elizabeth’s voice rose as Neal began his downward assault on her body. She gasped as he sucked a bruise onto her hip. “Not fair.”

“You know I don’t play fair, hon.” Peter chuckled. “And obviously neither does Neal, it seems.”

Neal hummed in agreement, sending vibrations right to the core of her. She could feel the dampness, her pussy wet from arousal. “Please…I’m sorry!” She sobbed, begging, anything to get him to continue.

Neal continued his kissing and nibbling, finally settling in between her legs. His hands caressed her thighs, spreading her open for him.

Elizabeth watched Neal lick his lips as he stared at her.

“Beautiful,” he breathed. His fingers gently parted her outer lips. She felt his breath across her hot skin. Slowly he circled her clit with his thumb, just barely touching. Elizabeth bucked at the sensations spiraling through her.

She could hear Peter’s rough breathing in her ear as he unconsciously mirrored her movements. His cock was hard against her back, his sleep pants damp against her skin.

Elizabeth felt gloriously helpless. Peter’s body caging her, Neal teasing her.

“Please Neal...want to feel your fingers inside me.”

Peter jerked at her words. “Fuck, El.” Then – “Do it.”

Neal slowly caressed the entrance to her pussy, sliding first one finger then two inside her. He widened them, stretching her slightly.

“Oh God…” Elizabeth cried out as Neal’s fingers hooked and brushed her G-spot. “Right there…” She writhed as he stroked her, grinding her hips into his hand.

Just when she was headed to the brink, he pulled back.

“NO!” She moaned at the loss of him, but he hushed her with a kiss on her thigh.

“Not going anywhere, Elizabeth…need to taste you.”

He bowed his head and ran his tongue squarely over her clit, pushing his fingers rhythmically back inside her. Over and over.

Elizabeth turned her face to Peter’s shoulder to keep from screaming. Neal’s tongue and fingers expertly drove her to the brink, then brought her back more times than she could count, never letting her fall over the edge into orgasm.

“Neal…I can’t…please…” She moaned, begging for him to let her come.

He pulled away slightly. “Can I?” He was seeking permission from Peter.

“Fuck, yes. Wanna see her fall apart for you.”

Elizabeth knew she was done when Peter spoke. Neal thrust his fingers into her, touching and stretching and stroking, his mouth molten heat against her clit. Peter gripped her wrists, forcing her to be still, to feel everything Neal was giving her. Whispering in her ear.

“C’mon El. Come for me.”

Eyes wide, locked onto Peter’s face, Elizabeth fell, shattering into millions of fragments. Peter covered her lips with his, drinking in her moans as Neal’s tongue and fingers wrung every ounce of pleasure from her body. She sobbed as the aftershocks shook her.

Peter murmured reassurances into her lips as Neal gentled her shuddering form. Moving up the bed, he wrapped himself around them, pressing soft kisses to her shoulder. Elizabeth burrowed into their arms, sated and content and loved.

They lay like that for a time. Sometimes talking, sometimes not. Always touching. But real life had a way of intruding and Elizabeth decided she was thirsty. Scooting out from between the two of them, she headed to the bathroom, waving off their comments about her ass.

She turned on the faucet and observed herself in the mirror while she waited for the water to run cold.

Her lips were kiss-swollen, her face flushed, her hair wild. She was the epitome of debauched. Elizabeth decided that she liked the look. Filling up the glass, she drank deeply, then walked back to the bedroom. A big smile crossed her face as she entered the room.

Peter and Neal had started without her.

They were oblivious to her entry, completely wrapped up in each other. Peter was leaning over Neal, caressing his face, worshipping his lips and neck. Neal’s head was thrown back in delight, eyes closed, smiling when Peter nipped at his jawbone, running his hands over Peter’s shoulders, sneaking under the cotton to touch his chest and back. His cock bouncing as he slowly rocked against Peter’s thigh. Getting harder the more Peter kissed him.

It was beautiful.

“Couldn’t wait for me, huh?” she teased.

They broke apart, both men blushing slightly at being caught making out. Elizabeth couldn’t help but giggle.

“You know, Peter, it might work better if you took your clothes off.”

“I couldn’t help it. He’s just so…” Peter waved helplessly at Neal’s nakedness.

“Yeah, I know.” Elizabeth moved to the overstuffed chair in the corner and sat down, grabbing the throw to drape around her.

“Don’t you want to come back to bed?” Neal tilted his head so he could see her.

“Oh no. I’m going to sit here and thoroughly enjoy watching the two of you fuck.” She pulled her legs up and tucked them under the blanket. “That means you’re gonna have to get undressed, hon.”

“And it’s about time.” Neal wriggled out from under Peter and made himself comfortable against the headboard. “No insult intended, Elizabeth, but I have been waiting to see Peter naked for, oh…weeks now, I think.” He stroked his cock as he watched Peter stand up and take off his t-shirt.

Elizabeth knew how good Peter looked without his clothes. If Neal was Michelangelo’s David, slender and stunning, then Peter was Rodin’s Thinker, solid and strong. It was obvious by Neal’s gaze that he appreciated the view. He crawled towards Peter and knelt before him.

“I want to sculpt you.” His words were simple as he ran his hands over Peter’s body, caressing his pectorals, his waist. Neal placed a kiss on Peter’s chest and hooked his fingers into the top of Peter’s sleep pants, easing them down.

Elizabeth waited for Neal’s reaction when he saw the size of Peter’s cock.

“Holy fuck, Peter!” Neal actually gaped. He turned to Elizabeth. “Well that certainly explains your lack of a gag reflex.”

Elizabeth just smiled and shrugged.

Neal’s gaze was predatory as he lay back on the pillows, his hand on his cock, languidly pumping himself. “I have to admit, Peter, I’m very impressed. We’re going to have to do a lot of prep to get that monster inside me.”

Elizabeth felt her pussy lips tingle as Peter growled and launched himself towards the bed. This was exactly what she’d been hoping for. She settled herself in to watch.

Looming over Neal, Peter batted away his hand and slotted his thigh in between Neal’s legs. He rubbed against Neal, pushing his thigh against Neal’s cock and balls. “Want to fuck you. Wanted it since the first day I saw your picture.”

“God, yes.” Neal reached back between them and grabbed Peter’s cock. “Need you to fuck me.” Peter groaned as Neal squeezed, pumping his hand up and down.

“Lube - need lube.” Peter reared up and looked around in dismay. “Damn it, where’s the lube?”

“Nightstand drawer next to the condoms.” Elizabeth spoke matter-of-factly.

Peter stared at her in surprise because they hadn’t used condoms in years. “You bought condoms?”

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow at his incredulous expression. “What? A girl can hope.”

Neal burst into laughter. “God, I love your wife.”

“I’m kind of fond of her, too.” Grinning, Peter leaned over and opened the drawer, grabbing the lube and a condom packet. Tossing them on the bed, he sat back on his heels, his hands on Neal’s hips.

“God damn, Neal Caffrey…” He shook his head. “Who’d have ever thought you’d wind up in my bed?”

“It’s a good place to be, Peter Burke.” Neal laced their fingers together and brought their hands to his mouth for a kiss. He took two of Peter’s fingers and sucked them quickly between his lips. Sloppy with his saliva, he popped them out of his mouth and brought them down between his legs. “No more talking.”

“Lube?” Peter’s voice was questioning.

“Not yet. Want to feel it.”

Peter moaned, his dick jerking at the roughness of Neal’s voice. “Okay.”

Elizabeth felt her arousal pool in her belly as she saw Peter slowly press his finger inside Neal. Neal’s gasp of pleasure/pain had her fingers dipping themselves into her pussy, feeling them breach her as Neal felt Peter’s finger.

“Damn it. Right there.” Neal hissed, his hips rising up off the bed as Peter stretched him with one then two fingers. Licking his other hand, Peter wrapped it around Neal’s cock, stroking steadily. Neal whined at the touch.

Elizabeth couldn’t take her eyes off the two of them. Peter’s hand pumping Neal’s dick, his fingers plunging in and out of Neal’s hole, Neal gripping the sheets, shoving himself closer to take more of Peter’s digits. Gazes locked, breath harsh, totally ignoring her as they became enthralled in each other.

She jammed her fingers deeper into her pussy, her thumb pressing down on her clit. They weren’t even fucking yet and she was ready to come again.

“God damn, Peter!” Elizabeth saw Neal writhe and keen - she knew Peter must have hit his prostate for him to have that reaction.

“What’s wrong Neal? Too much?” Peter chuckled darkly.

“Not enough!” Neal growled. “When I told you I wanted you to fuck me, I meant it!”

“Hand me the lube.”

Neal snagged the bottle and gave it to Peter, whining a bit in frustration when Peter took his hand off his dick.

“Gonna be a bit cold.” Peter pulled out his fingers and coated them with lube. “Not done with you yet, though. Still need to get you ready for me.” He added a third finger and pushed back in.

“Toppy bastard.” Neal whimpered as Elizabeth watched Peter twist and scissor his fingers. He pulled Peter down and slanted his lips across his mouth. “I like toppy bastards.”

A moan escaped Elizabeth as she brushed her clit, her other hand pinching her nipple.

Neal’s eyes strayed to her. “Peter, I think your wife is enjoying herself.”

“Are you, El?”

“Hell yes, but you two better start fucking soon or I’m going to finish without you!”

“God forbid that should happen.” Peter eased his fingers out of Neal, sat back and took himself in hand, stroking up and down.

“Here.” Neal ran his fingers behind his balls, smoothing some of the lube on his fingers, and caressed the crown of Peter’s dick. “Want you hard for me.” He coasted down Peter’s cock, matching their strokes.

“Damn…your hand…so good.” Peter leaned over for the condom. Ripping the packet open, he slid it down his length. He pushed Neal back onto the bed. Adding more slickness, he teased him with the head of his dick.

“El, you should see him, all spread out and ready for my cock.” Peter pressed in, slowly. “Greedy…”

“Peter…” Neal hissed as Peter opened him up. He paused, a look of concern on his face.

“You okay?”

“Just….wait. Fuck, Peter. Hurts so good…gotta go slow.” Neal rocked his hips, pulling Peter inside, inch by inch, working him until he was completely seated. “Fuck…” he breathed.

“Tell me, Peter. Tell me how it feels to be inside him.” Elizabeth’s voice was raw. She stilled her fingers, the least little pressure would send her spiraling into another orgasm.

“Oh God, El, it feels amazing. He’s so tight.” She watched Peter start moving slowly, thrusting into Neal completely, then pulling out until just the head of his cock was inside.

“Tell Neal what you want to do to him.” She began hovering over her clit, light touches to keep her on edge.

“God, Neal, wanna fuck you till you can't walk. Want you to come so hard you can taste it.” Peter flipped Neal’s legs over his shoulders and began shoving in faster, snapping his hips. “Want you to scream my name.”

Neal moaned and whimpered and cursed, calling Peter a bastard then begging him to fuck him harder. Elizabeth heard him sob as Peter hit his prostate, taking him apart with every thrust. She was drenched, fingers soaked with her juices, as she watched Peter pound into Neal like a jackhammer.

“Fuck, Neal…feels so fucking good…” Peter moaned the words. Neal grabbed his legs and pulled up, allowing Peter to fuck deeper into him. Elizabeth began pistoning her fingers in and out of her pussy, matching Peter’s thrusts. She dropped her other hand to her clit and pinched, keening as she drowned herself in white-hot waves of pleasure.

Her moans were the catalyst. Peter came, Neal’s name torn from his lips, Neal moments behind him, threads of hot come hitting their chests.

Elizabeth looked on, bleary-eyed, as Peter carefully pulled out of Neal, disposed of the condom and grabbed his t-shirt to clean the two men up. She was still post-orgasmicly lethargic when Peter came over to the chair to pick her up and bring her back to the bed.

Neal held open his arms for her to come to him. As she nestled her head on his shoulder, Neal pulled her leg across his body. Peter climbed into the bed, covering them up with the blanket before he moved in behind her.

“Wow.” Elizabeth whispered the word. “That was…”

“Yeah.” Neal’s voice was low and she felt Peter nod. She felt Neal kiss her temple. “Thank you.”

She raised her hand and softly caressed his face. She knew she didn’t need to respond this time. “Sleep,” she said instead. He obediently closed his eyes.

Elizabeth smiled when she felt both men’s bodies relax as they fell into slumber. Definitely her men. She closed her eyes and let the sounds of their steady breathing spiral her down into sleep.

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