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Signal Boost: Sign ups for WC Pairings close Monday

Ok all you White Collar writers - it's time to sign up for wcpairings!  The deadline is Monday.

Per thievery from the lovely elrhiarhodan's LJ, here's an overview of what it is:

The White Collar Pairings community is a fanworks-swap community focused on the terrific relationships on White Collar. Whether you want to explore canon relationships like Peter/Elizabeth or delve into a make-up scenario with Diana/Christie, or if you're a die-hard Neal/Peter slasher, or want to write about the awesome friendships on the show, we think this challenge will be a fun place to share your talent.

This round, we're opening it up to artists to sign up as well - fanworks aren't just about fic. So, if you're a creator of White Collar fanworks, please come sign up or even boost the signal on your LJ if you're a fan.

Basically, it goes like this:

Go to the wcpairings community and sign up.  You list what pairings you like, what types of stories you like to read, what rating you like and what topics you don't like to read, and if you'd like art instead.  Then you list what type of story (pairing, rating, topic) you'll write, as well as what you don't feel comfortable writing), or what type of art you'll do.

Then the wonderful Mods will work their magic and pair you up with someone that suits you.  Once that happens, all you have to do is create a piece of art or a fic of 1,000 words.  (And we all know the WC fandom can't seem to write anything shorter than 1,000 words - which is why I love you peeps!)

See?  Simple.

We have great writers in this fandom - some of the best I've ever read.  This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase that talent.

So - come play with us.  It'll be epic!
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