theatregirl7299 (theatregirl7299) wrote,

Signal Boost: WCPairings sign ups

Round 3 of wcpairings has just launched! I'm so excited to participate.  This will be my first time since I just got involved with WC fiction in August of last year.

I'm stealing this description from
elrhiarhodan since she describes it so well:

What it is: The White Collar Pairings community is a fanworks-swap community focused on the terrific relationships on White Collar. Whether you want to explore canon relationships like Peter/Elizabeth or delve into a make-up scenario with Diana/Christie, or if you're a die-hard Neal/Peter slasher, or want to write about the awesome friendships on the show, we think this challenge will be a fun place to share your talent

This round, we're opening it up to artists to sign up as well - fanworks aren't just about fic. So, if you're a creator of White Collar fanworks, please come sign up or boost the signal on your LJ if you're a fan.

So come one come all and sign up so we have lots of folk to write fic for!
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