theatregirl7299 (theatregirl7299) wrote,

The Art of Words

Title: The Art of Words
Author: theatregirl7299
Fandom: White Collar
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Neal Caffrey
Spoilers:  None
Warnings:  None
Word Count: 289
Beta Credit: angelita26

This was prompted by rabidchild's post about the definition of the word pseudology.   

He’s always been good at art. Understanding the nuances between light and shadow; the intricate strokes of the boar bristle brush; the perfect blend of pigments that bring skin tone to life.

As he gets older, those things become second nature to him. Copying the Masters – initially a lark – allows him to recreate beautiful things that he can share with the owners who couldn’t tell the difference between his work and the real thing. For the longest time, he’s content. Content to forge a Da Vinci here, an Atlantic Bond there.

That is, until Mozzie teaches him the ultimate art form. The Art of Words. Where the con becomes the canvas.

It’s the one place where he truly is an original.

A strategically positioned verb; a touch of an adjective placed on an unsuspecting ear yields an embarrassment of riches. Perspective shifts nouns from simple tools into compositions of dreams and desires.

Learning at the feet of the master, he constructs complex configurations wrapped up in guileless grins. Instruments in hand, he begins his ascent toward international renown. Like any good craftsman, he hones his skills, picking and choosing his technique until each new work outshines the ones before. He flourishes in the medium, creating novel and different ways of expression.

His fame precedes him, prompting imitation, flattery, attention and critique. But there is one whose gaze cuts through the gloss, contemplating not just the method but the underlying madness. One whose scrutiny takes apart the final accomplishment to understand the artist within the work.

One who he’s drawn to; one who is not deceived by the luster of the self-portrait he’s created.

One who makes him wonder if he ever understood art - or himself - at all.
Tags: but i know what i like, i don't know about art, neal caffrey
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