theatregirl7299 (theatregirl7299) wrote,

A pot-pourri meme

Noun - pot-pourri m. (plural pots-pourris)

potpourri (collection of various things)

Because I'm in the mood - a meme.

Following the definition, here are 8 things that don't really have any connection to each other. They are just things I like.

1. New York
2. The ocean
3. Irish Mist (alcohol)
4. Coffee
5. Thunderstorms
6. Amethyst
7. Art Deco
8. Big Band Jazz

Fandoms - White Collar, Star Trek AOS
Pairings - Kirk/Spock, For WC - any
Ratings - any

If they inspire you, I would love for you to write me a comment fic and post it here.

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